December 2022

Kensington News & Updates

Happy National Miners Day!

Message from Steve

Dear Team, 

We are well into the final stretch of 2022. With only a few more weeks left until year end it is critical that our primary focus remains on safety and the environment. We have made great progress this year and we don’t want our successes to be overshadowed by an incident in these final days.

We continue to work to meet our production guidance and are focused on a strong finish to the year. We hope to see some positive reconciliation on our grades to provide us more ounces. All our departments have made great progress this year and we are poised to set production records for tons mined and milled. The maintenance department has also seen some of the best results on record for year-to-date availability across both fixed and mobile assets.

With all the successes this year, we have also experienced challenges. Last month we had diesel fuel leak from our 30,000 gallon tank at the Powerhouse. The impacted water eventually reached our stormwater ponds. The incident was quickly identified and mitigated thanks to vigilant staff monitoring of our daily operations and the preparedness of having Spill Kits stocked and readily available. Because of our environmental protections in place, and the excellent work of our Environmental, Safety, and Surface departments, diesel fuel was contained in the ponds and was not discharged into the environment or nearby waterways. At this time we have collected all of the impacted water and sediment and transferred it to proper containment to be sent off site for proper disposal.

While we were dealing with the diesel, we also experienced a failure of our firewater system in the Admin building. The failure resulted in water flooding from the attic down through the third, second, and first floors of the building. Quick response from our Safety department, camp maintenance, and Goldbelt partners minimized what could have been a very detrimental incident. The majority of the damage was contained to drywall, carpet, and insulation. No computer, IT server, or automation equipment was damaged.

I would like to personally thank everyone involved in the response to these two incidents. I know that many of you put a lot of work and long hours into making sure both were properly dealt with and effectively mitigated.

As we wrap up 2022 and look toward 2023, we will continue to see challenging times for our mine. As discussed in our last All Hands meetings, we will be bringing an underground development contractor onsite in early 2023. We awarded the development contract to Thyssen Mining. With their help, we have the opportunity to set Kensington up for a successful future. We have an exciting exploration plan in front of us, and with the support of Thyssen Mining we have the opportunity realize the success from our exploration plan. We have already started to see the fruits of our labor around the multi-year exploration and development plan as we strive to replace depletion for the first time at Kensington since 2017. We hope that further exploration success will result in more ounces added to reserves, extending mine life further into the future. I am very excited about the future of our mine, and for the opportunity to lead us into this next chapter.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication to the success of Kensington. When I travel around site and interact with our workforce it is evident the level of pride we all have in what we do. That being said, there is always room to grow, and we must continue to “Pursue a Higher Standard.” Please remain laser focused on safety and the environment as we move into the New Year. I am confident that if we continue to “Pursue a Higher Standard” and strive for greatness we will be successful.

I wish all of you and your families a joyous holiday season and all the best in the New Year.

Best Regards,


Upcoming Events

12/10 - Coeur Alaska Company Holiday Party

12/25 - Site Holiday Meal

Important Contacts

Dispatch 907.523.3829

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Medic 907.523.3333

Town Office 907.523.3300

Payroll 907.523.3385

Employee Webpage

Check the CAK employee site for up-to-date information and resources

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Employee Volunteering

Please help us showcase Kensington’s community support by sharing how you have helped others this month. Being able to highlight the difference our employees make in our communities is important for our company's continued success.

Our employees had over 61 volunteer hours in November!

Please include the name of the group(s) or organization(s) supported and the number of hours volunteered.

Report Volunteer Hours

Benefits Reminder

With the holidays approaching, we wanted to remind everyone of a few resources that may be helpful during a time that can be difficult.

  • As part of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Coeur Alaska partners with Lyra Health to offer compassionate and confidential care for your emotional and mental health, how, when, and where you need it! Whether you're feeling anxious, depressed, or just not yourself, support from Lyra can get you back on your feet. Visit Lyra Health to register for this FREE service.

  • Through MD Live, you and your covered dependents can meet with independently contracted MDLIVE board-certified doctors right from your computer or phone. They can help treat non-emergency medical and pediatric health issues, as well as providing behavioral health counseling services. Plus, they may even write and send prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy (when appropriate). This benefit is available 24/7 and requires $0 co-pay! Activate your account today and explore the many available options MD Live can offer.

2023 Payroll Schedule

If you have any questions relating to payroll, please contact:

Kasey Abel


2023 Holiday Schedule

Kensington Culture

A healthy culture serves as a unifying force for our organization and facilitates our ability to deliver on strategy. Every two years Coeur asks employees to participate in a Culture Survey and the results are used to identify areas for improvement.

We heard your concerns and we are taking action! The table below shows our progress toward our culture improvements at site.

Welcome New Miners!
  • Adam Lindsey - Maintenance
  • Steven Padilla - Mine Operations
  • Stephen Steinpreis - Maintenance
  • Jordan Hoelker - Mine Operations
  • Paul Rowe - Mine Operations
  • Owen Mendoza - Processing/Mill
  • Kristal Foster - Metallurgists
Welcome to the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine!

Employee Milestones
  • Bryan Thomas - 1 year
  • Nathan Booth - 1 year
  • Mykola Osiychuk - 1 year
  • Timothy Edinger - 1 year 
  • Ramon Beltran - 1 year
  • Zachary Brault - 1 year
  • Rochelle Lindley - 2 years
  • Troy Smith - 2 years
  • Jose Rios - 2 years
  • Jose Berrera Tejeda - 2 years
  • Sydney Whisenhunt - 3 years
  • Anthony Charles - 4 years
  • David Morey - 4 years
  • Joseph Cordova - 4 years
  • Gordon Ruttenbur - 4 years
  • Grant Wick - 5 years
  • Steve Ball - 5 years
  • Brendan Cook - 5 years
  • Sean Gibson - 5 years
  • Somsay Voravong - 6 years
  • Shane Gillen - 7 years
  • Joseph Beaudion - 7 years
  • Kory Stickler - 8 years
  • Jared Clark - 8 years
  • Abel Gomez - 9 years
  • Charlie Rosenthal - 10 years
  • Michael Kink-Parnell - 10 years
  • Ron Caudill - 11 years
  • Jason Cameron - 11 years
  • Ray Flack - 12 years
  • Rick Saulnier - 15 years
  • Bill Stanley - 17 years

Pursuing a Higher Standard Awards

The following employees were nominated  for the Pursuing a Higher Standard Peer Recognition Award by their peers in November:

  • Greg Broline
  • Jorge Morales
  • Andy Stone
  • Logan Valentine
  • Shawn Lindstrom
  • Nick Erickson

Congratulations on your recognition, and thank you for being an example of how Coeur Alaska Pursues a Higher Standard!

Do you want to nominate a peer for the award? Fill out a nomination form and submit it to Amanda Vredenburg at

Peer Recognition Nomination Form

Women in Mining

Women in Mining (WIM) is a nationwide organization for individuals employed in, associated with, or interested in mining. It is not limited to women; men are also encouraged to join. 

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of forming an Alaska State Chapter of Women in Mining!

If you are interested in joining the new WIM Alaska Chapter, or have questions, please contact Sarah Jensen at

Safety Focus

November's topic: Snow and Avalanche Safety

Avalanche Safety

With winter upon us, avalanche season is here. Alan Gordon our Avalanche Forecaster has put together some great information on avalanche safety and what to do in the event of an avalanche.

Click here for more details on Avalanche Warning Signage and Forecast.

Snow Removal

  • Winter is here and snow removal activities are taking place. Please be sure to pick up or move any small equipment, or debris in the areas where snow will be plowed or otherwise removed.
  • The following areas have been flagged off due to falling snow: 3 Story Sleeper, Ptarmigan Sleeper and walkway in front the of the KDR.
  • New route to the snoke shack when there is a threat of falling snow from KDR roof.

Environmental Update

There were three reportable spills during the month. Two of the spills were hydraulic oil spills as the result of failed hydraulic hoses. The third spill was the result of a a valve on the filter housing at the Mill Bench fuel bay not being properly closed. The drain valve for the 30K Gallon Storage Tank containment was in the open position, allowing any spillage to go to the oil/water separator, instead of containing the fuel.

The diesel fuel that leaked out of the fuel filter system reported to the existing containment, and then flowed into the oil/water separator. The oil/water separator became overwhelmed with sediment and diesel fuel, and diesel fuel was discharged from the oil/water separator and reported to the lined mill stormwater ponds where it was visually identified. The impacted water was captured in the stormwater ponds and did not discharge to the environment. Clean-up of the impacted water in the stormwater ponds took nearly three weeks and several departments were involved in this large clean-up effort. On-going efforts continue with the disposal of the impacted water and soil that was excavated from the ponds during the clean-up. Thanks again to all the folks and departments that contributed to large clean-up effort. A thorough investigation is ongoing and may result in changes to our standard operating procedures and operating controls.


Coeur in the Community

The holiday season is a time for giving! One of the best gifts that you can give to your community is your time. There are LOTS of opportunities to volunteer in every community - below are a few ideas in Southeast Alaska.


  • FIRST IN ALASKA is seeking technical and non-technical volunteers for their High School Robotics and Youth LEGO Competitions. See the steps on how to become a volunteer here: Volunteer - FIRST IN ALASKA ( The events are scheduled for December 10th and December 17th.
  • The Coeur Alaska Learn United Reading Tutor Program is back! We encourage all our employees to participate in this important program!
  • The Glory Hall is accepting volunteers to prepare dinners. If you are interested in signing up to be a dinner volunteer, please call 907.586.4159 or email Luke at
  • Family Promise, a local nonprofit that provides assistance to families experiencing homelessness, has many opportunities for volunteering:
  • The Learning Connection at SERRC is seeking volunteer tutors to commit to tutoring adults in pursuit of their GED high school equivalency. Contact Jim Warren at (907) 433-7297 or email him at
  • The City and Borough of Juneau has created a Volunteer and Community Collaboration Task Force and is accepting Volunteers, Donations, and Requests for Assistance from individuals and businesses/organizations in the community. The website to volunteer or donate is:



Happy holidays, and thank you for all you are doing to support your community!

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