February 2021
Kensington News & Updates
Message from Mark
Greetings and Happy New Year. I hope that you all had an enjoyable and safe holiday season. As I reflect on last year, I want to thank you all for your dedication and hard work to make Coeur and Kensington successful. A few of our accomplishments last year include:

  • Achieved dramatic improvements in our safety program, including strong performance in our leading safety indicators which translated into decreased injuries
  • Completed a major exploration program that targeted existing ore bodies in Elmira, Eureka, Kensington, and Raven along with newer targets at Big Lake and Gold King
  • Completed the lower camp infrastructure project finishing the surface shop and erecting the Emergency Response Building
  • Received the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and the Draft Record of Decision from the United States Forest Service (USFS) for our Plan of Operations Amendment 1 (POA 1); POA 1 allows for a potential mine life extension
  • Improved our efficiency by completing projects like the ventilation on demand project and initiating engineering on additional energy reducing projects
  • Initiated an equipment reliability program to set the site up for future success
  • Completed the Elmira feasibility study

Now that 2021 is complete, our focus needs to turn to execution of our strategy in 2022. The site strategy focuses on 4 keys of success:

  1. Zero harm to people and the environment. We can achieve this goal by ensuring that essential/critical controls are in place to ensure that injuries or environmental incidents can’t take place.
  2. Execute the plan. Rigorous focus on achieving our production plan is the key to achieving this key to our strategy. This includes looking for opportunities to be more efficient, eliminating equipment damage, operating equipment appropriate to the conditions or work, and helping others complete their jobs.
  3. Improve the margins. Another area where we need to work together as a team to look for opportunities to innovate and become more efficient. Utilize the Continuous Improvement Board, your supervisor, or meetings to ensure your ideas our heard. 
  4.  Grow the business. Support the site exploration programs including drill and underground development programs. These are critical to identifying new ore bodies and extending our mine life.

I’m looking forward to working with you to achieve our plans this year.  
Company Benefits Alert!
Eaglecrest Ski Passes

HR has again purchased 2 transferrable corporate ski passes to our local Eaglecrest Ski Area here in Juneau! To reserve passes, contact Amanda Vredenburg. Please include preferred dates with your request, whether you’d like one or both passes, and she’ll sign you up for the first available slot.
Safety Eyewear Program

It's fast and easy to order your prescription eyeglasses. Go to to register. Email questions to, or click the LIVE CHAT icon or call 888-449-9540. Help is available 24/7! Please remember, prescription glasses MUST have side shields to meet MSHA standards!
Child Care Subsidy

Coeur Alaska is now offering a childcare subsidy for Juneau-based full-time employees. Coeur Alaska is partnering with Little Moon Child Care for this employee benefit. Little Moon Child Care offers holistic, inclusive, and quality childcare services. There are two centers available - Little Moon Nursery, and Little Moon Daycare, Preschool, and Outdoor Program.

Take a virtual tour of their nursery!

Welcome New Miners!
  • Daniel Cory - Mill Operator
  • Zachary Ferguson - Underground Miner
  • Taylor Kimbarow - Underground Miner
  • Edward Lantz - Underground Miner
  • Cody Secrest - Underground Miner
  • Andrew Steinpreis - Underground Miner
  • Paul Stuart - Mobile Mechanic
  • Joshua Thurlow - Underground Miner
Welcome to the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine!
Employee Milestones
  • Derek Antrim - 1 year
  • Kirby Carter - 1 year
  • Justin Conley - 1 year
  • Brenten Gribbin - 1 year
  • Sitini Kauvaka - 1 year
  • Jeffery Rankin - 1 year
  • Michael Schnell - 1 year
  • Mace Thivierge - 1 year
  • Bruce Timmons - 1 year
  • Jacob Versailles - 1 year
  • Jeremy Bell - 2 years
  • John Frank - 2 years
  • Sierra Lammers - 2 years
  • Matthew Richmond - 2 years
  • Carl Ealey Jr - 3 years
  • Jorge Morales Medina - 3 years
  • Zachary Poseley - 3 years
  • Dillon Trimble - 3 years
  • Ryan Vredenburg - 3 years
  • Kenneth Cornell - 4 years
  • Robert Wedertz - 4 years
  • Jeremiah Allen - 5 years
  • Christopher Cooper - 6 years
  • Samuel Williams - 8 years
  • Ronald Alsup - 9 years
  • Edward Bond - 10 years
  • Robert McPhail - 12 years
  • James Parkin - 12 years
  • Eric Vassar - 12 years
  • Gregory Broline - 13 years
Pursuing a Higher Standard
The following employees were nominated by their peers in January for the Pursuing a Higher Standard Peer Recognition Award.

  • Ryan Bailey
  • Justin Brown
  • Jason Castaneda
  • Bob Chernikoff
  • Chris Cooper
  • Joseph Cordova
  • Saina Faatoafe
  • Aaron Gillen
  • Shane Gillen
  • Jerry Harmon
  • Ken Jensen
  • Dan King
  • John Komar
  • Tim Lee
  • Alex Lickfield
  • Jon Livermore
  • Lillian Lundy
  • Carl Marvin
  • Jimmy Parkin
  • Scott Pendarvis
  • Saje Pernie
  • Tom Rathbone
  • Jesus Saldana
  • Steven Schmidt
  • Eric Vassar
  • Scott Walston
  • Brian Whistler
  • Dave Young

Congratulations on your recognition, and thank you for being an example of how Coeur Alaska Pursues a Higher Standard!

Do you want to nominate a peer for the award? Fill out a nomination form and submit it to Amanda Vredenburg at
Safety Focus
At Coeur Alaska, we invest in the well-being of our employees and safety is at the foundation of everything we do. This month’s safety topic is rotating equipment. Employees are reminded of the following best practices:  
  • Establish and discuss safe work procedures before starting any task  
  • Identify and control all hazards 
  • Train all workers to recognize and eliminate hazards before beginning work  
  • Follow manufacturer’s procedures for using equipment, and monitor for compliance  
  • Position yourself away from potential “danger-zone” areas  
  • Train miners to safely perform their tasks  
  • Conduct equipment inspections and correct any defects affecting safety 

Environmental Update
There were five reportable spills during the month; four hydraulic oil spills and one ferric chloride spill. There were no environmental permit excursions or water quality exceeedences during the month. The site experienced heavy rain and snow in January. Surface crews responded successfully and our stormwater controls were effective during these large events. Great job, everyone!

The Plan of Operations Amendment 1 (POA 1) is nearing completion which will allow for construction of additional waste rock storage areas and an expanded tailings facility. The Final Record of Decision is currently scheduled to be issued by the the Forest Service in February 2022. 
Coeur in the Community
Coeur Alaska is a big supporter of education and workforce training in our community. What better way to help develop Alaska's future workforce! We currently have two exciting opportunities available through the University of Alaska Southeast. Please share these with your friends, family, or anyone who may be interested!
Maintenance Trainee Program

The Maintenance Trainee Program is a collaboration between Coeur Alaska and the University of Alaska Southeast's Associates of Applied Sciences Diesel Technology Program. Have your tuition costs covered and get paid to attend school (including benefits)! Successful candidates will complete the Diesel Technology Program, receive on-the-job training, and will be guaranteed a job after graduation at Coeur Alaska upon meeting pre-employment requirements. Contact for more information.
Coeur Alaska Kensington Gold Mine Environmental Science Award

Calling all Environmental Science and Marine Biology Majors! The Coeur Alaska Kensington Gold Mine Environmental Science Award is available to fulltime Juneau and Southeast Alaska residents. Minimum awards of $3,000 per academic year are available. Apply by February 15 to be considered. Contact UAS Financial Aid for more information - 907.796.6255 or