January 2023

Kensington News & Updates

Message from Steve

Dear Team, 

I would like to start off by wishing all of you and your families a Happy New Year! I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time with family and friends. I want to thank all of those who were on shift over the holidays and could not be home with loved ones. I know how it feels to make those sacrifices, and I want every one of you to know that it is very much appreciated. 

With the holidays behind us, I would like to reflect on 2022 and look ahead to 2023. Last year was challenging and filled with changes both at our site and across the globe. Global factors had a drastic effect on oil prices, which in turn affected labor, freight, consumables, parts, equipment, operating, and outside services costs at the mine. While experiencing these inflationary conditions, we were also trying to achieve our production guidance after a deficit that began during the first quarter of the year. Through a lot of hard work, dedication, new Continuous Improvement (CI) and Business Improvement (BI) initiatives, and the introduction of the Management Operating System (MOS) everyone worked together to try and meet our production targets. Our Operations teams increased both mined and milled tons through process improvements and increased availability of fixed and mobile equipment thanks to the hard work of our Maintenance department. These increases could not have been possible without the help of all our support departments. Tech Services facilitated improved planning through the implementation of MOS, Safety expanded our CCV program, Environmental was instrumental in Kensington receiving a favorable final Record of Decision on POA 1, HR worked tirelessly to improve employee culture, Surface Operations kept our roads clear, Supply Chain worked to maintain our inventory while the world was facing supply chain issues, Finance worked diligently behind the scenes to keep our operations going, and IT kept our data moving in an increasingly technologically advanced world. Together we achieved record mined and milled tonnages.   

As we move into 2023, we still have challenges in front of us. Costs continue to be high. It is imperative for the future of our operations that we continue to look for new ways to improve our processes to reduce costs and increase production while always maintaining our high standards for safety and environmental stewardship. Our major initiative for 2023 is our multi-year exploration and development plan. Launched last year, this plan has already shown success through positive exploration results. Continued success will provide the opportunity to add more resources and reserves to our mine plan which will give us operational flexibility and extend our mine life. Thyssen Mining will start mobilization to site this month to provide contract mining support. The use of a development contractor in Zone 12 of our Kensington deposit will allow our crews to develop critical areas of the mine sooner for future exploration and production. Our 2022 BI program was another area that saw great success, and we can continue that success with new projects and process changes this year. 2023 will be a year that we all need to tighten our belts, but I am confident that we have what it takes to have a successful year and set ourselves up for the next chapter here at Kensington. 

Best Regards,


Upcoming Events

2/1/23 - All Hands Meeting (7am and 7pm)

2/15/23 - All Hands Meeting (7am and 7pm)

3/1/23 - Annual Refresher Training

3/8/23 - Annual Refresher Training

3/15/23 - Annual Refresher Training

3/22/23 - Annual Refresher Training

3/29/23 - Annual Refresher Training

Important Contacts

Dispatch 907.523.3829

Mill Control 907.523.3380

Medic 907.523.3333

Town Office 907.523.3300

Payroll 907.523.3385

Employee Webpage

Check the CAK employee site for up-to-date information and resources

Password: 2022

Visit the CAK Employee Site

Employee Volunteering

Please help us showcase Kensington’s community support by sharing how you have helped others this month. Being able to highlight the difference our employees make in our communities is important for our company's continued success.

Our employees had over 730 volunteer hours in 2022!

Please include the name of the group(s) or organization(s) supported and the number of hours volunteered.

Report Volunteer Hours

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2023 Payroll Schedule

If you have any questions relating to payroll, please contact:

Kasey Abel


2023 Holiday Schedule

Kensington Culture

A healthy culture serves as a unifying force for our organization and facilitates our ability to deliver on strategy. Every two years Coeur asks employees to participate in a Culture Survey and the results are used to identify areas for improvement.

We heard your concerns and we are taking action! The table below shows our progress toward our culture improvements at site.

Welcome New Miners!
Welcome to the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine!
  • Christpher Doane - Mobile Mechanic
  • Adam Kirschenmann - Millwright Mechanic
  • Garrett Bell - Co-op Student
  • Cam Johnson - Co-op Student
  • Josh Handeland - Water Treatment Operator
  • Kristen Kulikoff - Exploration Geologist
  • William Jarvis - Exploration Geologist

Employee Milestones
  • Richard Fakler - 1 year 
  • Danner Moffat - 1 year
  • Primo Bea - 1 year
  • Abraham Barrera Tejeda - 2 years
  • Ron Anderson - 2 years
  • Steve Nichols - 3 years
  • Mike Skellie - 3 years
  • Michael Jellesed - 4 years
  • Evan Richardson - 4 years
  • Andrew Tunison - 5 years
  • Tyrone Smothers - 5 years
  • Darryl Graham - 5 years
  • Viengsavanh Sihakhoth - 6 years
  • Chris Parrish - 6 years
  • Eric Allen - 6 years
  • David Pizer - 7 years
  • John Bronson - 7 years
  • Kasey Abel - 8 years
  • Mike McClellan - 9 years
  • John Armour - 9 years
  • Mike Todd - 9 years
  • Dustin Peltier - 11 years
  • Mark Tobacco - 11 years

Pursuing a Higher Standard Awards

The following employees were nominated  for the Pursuing a Higher Standard Peer Recognition Award by their peers in November/December:

  • Sam Williams
  • Jeff Winburn
  • Pete Strow (x6!!!)
  • Odessa Baptiste
  • Sierra Lammers (x2!)
  • Frank Lambert IV
  • Everett Condry
  • Allen Jangula
  • Eddie Petrie
  • Troy Osborne
  • Kirby Carter

Congratulations on your recognition, and thank you for being an example of how Coeur Alaska Pursues a Higher Standard!

Do you want to nominate a peer for the award? Fill out a nomination form and submit it to Amanda Vredenburg at

Peer Recognition Nomination Form

Women in Mining

Women in Mining (WIM) is a nationwide organization for individuals employed in, associated with, or interested in mining. It is not limited to women; men are also encouraged to join. 

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of forming an Alaska State Chapter of Women in Mining!

If you are interested in joining the new WIM Alaska Chapter, or have questions, please contact Sarah Jensen at

Safety Focus

January topic: All things hearing loss and protection.

MSHA requires mine operators to develop a hearing conservation program when workplace sound levels average 85 decibels, over an 8-hour time period.

Hearing Protection

Perhaps the most important part being, proper selection and use of hearing protection devices. Each type of hearing protection device has a noise reduction rating (NRR). This is a measure in decibels of how much outside noise is reduced before it reaches the inner ear. 

Earplugs and Earmuffs

Earplugs come in different sizes and can be made of silicone, rubber or plastic. To insert: wash hands, compress the foam by rolling in your fingertips, and insert plug. Earplugs generally provide more protection than earmuffs, are less cumbersome and don't interfere with other PPE.

Earmuffs are designed to cover the entire ear. The cups are usually filled with soft foam to provide a comfortable, secure fit and a low-pressure seal. Earmuffs are easy to use and install properly.

When decibels reach 105, earplugs and earmuffs must be worn together.

Things to keep in mind

  • Hearing protection should not stop when you leave work. Plenty of activities off the job involve dangerous noise levels.
  • No one will set up a hearing conservation for you at home; that responsibility is up to you. 
  • No one wants to experience a life with hearing loss. Do everything you can today to protect your hearing for tomorrow. 
  • Make sound decisions about protecting your hearing by participating in the hearing conservation program and always wearing your hearing protection when required. Take the necessary steps to reduce off-job noise hazards.  

Click here for a full write up with more info.

Environmental Update

There was one reportable spill during the month which was the result of failed hydraulic hose. There were no environmental permit excursions or exceedances during the month.   


Overall environmental performance for 2022 was very good and improved from 2021. The yearly environmental site goals were 2 or less significant spills and 3 or less permit excursions. The site had one significant spill and one permit excursion during 2022 thus achieving the 2022 site environmental goals. Additionally there were no permit exceedances for 2022.  There were 9 Near Miss reports and 19 hazard identification reports for 2022 which was an increase from 2021 reporting.

Coeur in the Community

Environmental Science Award

We established the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine Environmental Science Award in 1991 and have continued to donate funds to the endowment over the past three decades. The endowed scholarship fund at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) was established to support Alaskan students pursuing degrees in Environmental Science, Environmental Resource, and Marine Biology.

Over the years we have awarded scholarships to 25 students! Check out the 2022-2023 academic year recipients here.

Do you know an Alaskan student pursuing one of the three eligible degree programs? Encourage them to apply!

The deadline to apply is February 15 to be considered for scholarships for the following academic year. General applications can be submitted to the University of Alaska Southeast Financial Aid Office.

For more information and to apply, visit the UAS Scholarships page.

Questions? Contact the UAS Financial Aid Office at 907.796.6255 or

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