March 2022
Kensington News & Updates
Breaking News: POA 1 Milestone Achieved!!!
Coeur Alaska is pleased to announce that on February 24, 2022, the United States Forest Service issued their final Record of Decision to amend Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine’s Plan of Operations Amendment 1 (POA 1) that authorizes a mine life extension. This means that we are now approved to do the following:

  • Permit and construct additional tailings storage
  • Permit and construct a new waste rock stock pile along pipeline road
  • Permit and expand the Kensington Portal, Comet Portal and Pit 4 waste rock stockpiles

Sincere thanks are owed to Kevin Eppers, Rochelle Lindley, Jay Gear and Jan Trigg (now retired) for all of their efforts to make this happen. A big thank you goes to the environmental team for their contributions including taking on additional responsibilities so that Kevin could focus on permitting. Finally, this really is a team accomplishment and couldn’t happen without employees engaged in the permitting process (sending letters, speaking out, etc.) and demonstrating to the community and regulators that we are responsible miners and that we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

This was a crucial step in Coeur Alaska’s strategic plan to extend mine life and continue to be a major employer in SE Alaska!
Message from Mark
Many of you have asked me how we finished the year compared to our goals. We have just finalized our year-end results and recently released them to investors. We had another successful year in 2021 overcoming numerous challenges and delivering on our commitments. Some highlights include:

  • Achieving industry-leading safety performance
  • Producing 121,140 ounces which fell well in the middle of our target range of 115k to 130k ounces. This was fueled by a strong 4th quarter push by our team
  • Achieving a Cost Applicable to Sales (CAS) of $1,082 per ounce within our target range of $1,010 - $1,110
  • Declaring 261k ounces of proven and probable mineral reserves
  • Declaring 983k ounces of measured and indicate mineral resources, and 455k ounces of inferred resources

These successes will provide us with a springboard to execute on our 2022 plan with the following guidance as part of our site strategy:

  1. Zero harm to People and the Environment. Hold ourselves to a higher standard and ensuring that everything we do maintains the highest standards of safety and the environment.
  2. Execute the plan. Achieve between 110k and 120k ounces.
  3. Improve the margins. Achieve CAS between $1,150/oz and $1,250/oz. 
  4. Grow the business. Deliver on our exploration and sustain capital plans to enhance the operation and potentially add mine life.
Company Benefits Alert!
Lyra Mental Health Program

Find confidential care for your emotional and mental health, how, when, and where you need it! Whether you're feeling anxious, depressed, or just not yourself, support from Lyra can get you back on your feet.

Learn more at
(877) 316-0623 or
UPDATE: Child Care Subsidy

Don't forget! Coeur Alaska is now offering a childcare subsidy for Juneau-based full-time employees. We are partnering with Little Moon Child Care for this employee benefit. Little Moon Child Care offers holistic, inclusive, and quality childcare services. There are two centers available - Little Moon Nursery, and Little Moon Daycare, Preschool, and Outdoor Program. Coeur Alaska will now cover the full cost of your first 3 months of child care! After the 3rd month, we will provide up to a $400/month gross taxable subsidy for participants. Contact HR for for information.

Take a virtual tour of their nursery!
REMINDER: Eaglecrest Ski Passes

Eaglecrest Ski passes are still available! HR has purchased 2 transferrable corporate ski passes to our local Eaglecrest Ski Area here in Juneau. To reserve passes, contact Amanda Vredenburg ( Please include preferred dates with your request, whether you’d like one or both passes, and she’ll sign you up for the first available slot.
Welcome New Miners!
  • Troy Brantley - Mine Operations
  • Emilien Charbonneau - Engineers
  • David Clawson - Mine Operations
  • Katie Coyle - Human Resources
  • Landon Lake - Mine Operations
  • Anthony Mutchie - Maintenance
  • Trevor Nelson - Geology
Welcome to the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine!
Employee Milestones
  • Michael Garrison - 1 year
  • Gunnar Hilderbrandt - 1 year
  • Sarah Jensen - 1 year
  • Timothy Crooker - 2 years
  • Odessa Baptiste - 3 years
  • William Croghan - 3 years
  • Landon Johnson - 3 years
  • Mykola Osiychuk - 3 years
  • Jarod Stroup - 3 years
  • Melissa Bulyar - 4 years
  • Samuel Kilfoyle - 4 years
  • David Lorentz - 4 years
  • Hiram Wilson - 4 years
  • Justin Brown - 6 years
  • Selven Christianson - 7 years
  • David Garcia - 7 years
  • Zechuriah Graves - 7 years
  • James Blilie - 8 years
  • Allen Jangula - 8 years
  • Kyle Johnson - 8 years
  • Patrick Moorehead - 8 years
  • Joseph Whitcomb - 8 years
  • Lucas Zimmerer - 8 years
  • Zachary Dull - 9 years
  • Edward Singh - 11 years
  • Robert Chernikoff - 12 years
Pursuing a Higher Standard
The following employees were nominated by their peers in February for the Pursuing a Higher Standard Peer Recognition Award.

  • Eddie Petrie
  • Brian Hancox
  • Eddie Petrie (YES, he's awesome!!!)
  • Tom Rathbone

Congratulations on your recognition, and thank you for being an example of how Coeur Alaska Pursues a Higher Standard!

Do you want to nominate a peer for the award? Fill out a nomination form and submit it to Amanda Vredenburg at
Safety Focus: Line of Fire Hazards
A simple definition of “line of fire” is being in harm’s way. Line of fire injuries occur when the path of a moving object or the release of hazardous energy intersects with an individual’s body.
Three major categories of line of fire incidents are caught-in or between incidents, struck-by incidents, and released energy incidents.

Avoiding Line of Fire Incidents:
  • Eliminate the related hazards whenever possible
  • Implement engineering controls when elimination is not possible
  • Recognize the hazards of your work and act accordingly to avoid putting yourself in harms way

It is important to understand what the “line of fire” is and how to avoid being in it to avoid injuries. Let's everyone stay safe by being aware of our surroundings and eliminate potential hazards whenever possible.

Environmental Update
There were two reportable spills during the month; one hydraulic oil spill and one coolant spill. There were no environmental permit excursions or water quality exceedances during the month. 

Module 1 of the annual site environmental training was sent out to all employees. Please complete the environmental training at your earliest convenience.

We received some GREAT NEWS this month with the Plan of Operations Amendment 1 (POA 1) Final Record of Decision being issued by the Forest Service on February 24, 2022!!! This has been a lengthy permitting process that has taken close to 3.5 years to complete. It was a great team effort to get this approval as there have been many, many folks directly and indirectly involved in the permitting process.  This approval will allow for construction of additional waste rock storage areas and expanded tailings facility.  
Now Hiring for Summer Interns!
Our summer internship program will provide applicants with the opportunity to gain real-world, on-the-job experience at one of our US operating mine sites. Interns are mentored throughout the summer by industry professionals and given ownership of projects with a tangible impact on the mine.
We are currently interviewing for Summer Internships in the following positions:
·       Mine Engineering
·       Mine Geology
·       Exploration Geology
·       Project Engineering
·       Environmental Science
·       Process/Metallurgy
Fun Fact: Many of our current full-time employees were once Coeur Alaska interns!
LEARN UNITED Reading Tutor Program
Volunteer Opportunity!

The LEARN UNITED Reading Tutor Program was established in 2012 through a partnership with Coeur Alaska, United Way of Southeast Alaska, and the Juneau School District. The program works with the community to pair volunteers with elementary students in an effort to improve literacy skills for students by third grade. The program has been on hold because of COVID-19, but is relaunching in 2022! If you are interested in volunteering as a reading tutor please contact Rochelle Lindley at or 907.957.1151

Employment Opportunity!

Do you have family or friends in Juneau looking for part-time employment? Our partners at United Way are seeking a coordinator to provide professional support to the LEARN United Reading Tutor Program. For more information, contact Wayne Stevens at or 907.463.5530