October 2022

Kensington News & Updates

Message from Steve

Dear Team,  

Where did September go?! With all our recent tours and travel it seems as though the month flew by. On the 17th of September we hosted a group of Juneau educators and representatives from Alaska Resource Education (ARE) . ARE is a nonprofit whose mission is to educate students about Alaska’s resources. This tour was a great opportunity to show local teachers what we do here at Kensington. These educators are teaching our next generation of potential workers and it is imperative that they understand the opportunities through the mining industry and that We Pursue a Higher Standard as Coeur Alaska employees. On the 22nd of September a group of Juneau Legislators and their staff toured the mine and were able to see firsthand what it takes to operate a remote mine site in Southeast Alaska. These tours, along with our Corporate Executive team and other tours, are very important for us as they allow us the opportunity to showcase our people and our mine. A lot of times those that are on these tours only get to see the “numbers” and don’t see the human aspect that makes all this possible. I have received numerous comments and feedback regarding the level of pride that is evident in the workforce here at Kensington. As I have said before, our greatest resource here at Kensington is not the gold in the ground, but all of you that work hard each day.  

Looking ahead to the month of October we have already completed two of our “All Hands” meetings at the mine and one in our town office. The next round of “All Hands” meetings will be held in the Surface Maintenance Shop at 7am and 7pm on October 19th. It’s an exciting update on what is going on at Kensington and what we have planned. Our HR team will also be handing out our new jackets at the end of the meeting. These meetings provide an opportunity for you to hear relevant updates from myself and our management team, and also provides a chance for you to raise any questions that you may have.   

This past weekend I had the honor of presenting Jerry Harmon with the Greater Juneau Chamber of Commerce 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award at their annual gala event. Jerry has been a staple of the Juneau and Kensington communities for over 35 years and is affectionately known as our “Favorite Miner.” Jerry has a heart of service and never turns down a call to help. He serves on multiple boards, supports local events, and without hesitation donates his own time, money, labor, and equipment. Jerry was instrumental in advocating for the mining industry and the opening of the Kensington Mine. His passion for his work, his generosity, and his support of the community are simply unparalleled. It was a wonderful evening, and I am proud to know and call Jerry a friend.  

Best Regards,


Upcoming Events

10/19- All-Hands Meetings (site)

10/24 - 12/2 - Open Enrollment

11/11 - Veterans Day

Important Contacts

Dispatch 907.523.3829

Mill Control 907.523.3380

Medic 907.523.3333

Town Office 907.523.3300

Payroll 907.523.3385

Employee Webpage

Check the CAK employee site for up-to-date information and resources

Password: 2022

Visit the CAK Employee Site

Employee Volunteering

Please help us showcase Kensington’s community support by sharing how you have helped others this month. Being able to highlight the difference our employees make in our communities is important for our company's continued success.

Please include the name of the group(s) or organization(s) supported and the number of hours volunteered.

Report Volunteer Hours

Managers volunteering at the United Way of Southeast Alaska's 2022 Day of Caring

The Mine Rescue Team in West Virginia

Steve Ball presenting Jerry Harmon with the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Chamber Dinner

Site tour for Juneau teachers

Congratulations to Angell Pineda on becoming a U.S. Citizen!

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Company Benefits Alert

Hinge Health - Virtual Physical Therapy


Coeur Mining has expanded our benefits to include Hinge Health, a digital physical and exercise therapy program, to support back and joint health. Physical therapy (and so much more) in your back pocket!

Hinge Health gives you the tools you need to conquer back and joint pain, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery, and stay healthy and pain free. Their programs are available to you and your eligible dependents at no cost. Plus, you can complete your customized care plan anywhere, anytime via the mobile app.

Hinge Health will be sharing more details about their programs and how to sign up in the coming weeks. In the meantime, see how Hinge Health can help you.

If you have any questions about this benefit, please feel free to reach out to your Kensington HR Department or contact Hinge Health directly at (855) 902-2777 or


All employees electing in Coeur’s medical plan are eligible to participate.


2022 Payroll Schedule

If you have any questions relating to payroll, please contact:

Kasey Abel


Kensington Culture

A healthy culture serves as a unifying force for our organization and facilitates our ability to deliver on strategy. Every two years Coeur asks employees to participate in a Culture Survey and the results are used to identify areas for improvement.

We heard your concerns and we are taking action! The table below shows our progress toward our culture improvements at site.

Welcome New Miners!
  • Daryl Wagner - Maintenance
  • Patrick Todey - Mine Operations
  • Nicholas Erickson - Maintenance
  • Jarret Brown - Mine Operations
  • Brianna Carter - Processing/Mill
Welcome to the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine!

Employee Milestones
  • Jeff Trego - 1 year
  • Matthew Stixrud - 1 year
  • Caleb Rich - 1 year
  • Scott Ver Straten - 1 year 
  • Casey Meliah - 1 year
  • Melvon (Ken) Jensen - 1 year
  • Dustin Gross- 2 years
  • Mike Mindham- 2 years
  • Elliot Hart - 2 years
  • Brandon Gutteridge- 3 years
  • Jessie Reed- 3 years
  • Shane Musich - 3 years
  • Nicholas Dotson- 3 years
  • Don Sullivan - 3 years
  • Tyler Thomas - 4 years
  • Andrew Williams - 4 years
  • Mark Stamper - 5 years
  • Cameron Smith - 5 years
  • Gail Quimby - 6 years
  • Ben Peltier - 6 years
  • Jeff Spencer - 8 years
  • Ryan Hoffman - 9 years
  • Tom Rathbone - 9 years
  • Frank (Matt) Walker - 10 years
  • Sean Grant - 10 years
  • Duane Williams - 10 years
  • Ilalio Fenumiai - 12 years
  • Arnie Tapia - 12 years
  • Lillian Lunday - 13 years

Pursuing a Higher Standard Awards

The following employees were nominated  for the Pursuing a Higher Standard Peer Recognition Award by their peers in September:

  • Allan Trumbull
  • Heath Wardrop
  • Leo Linn

Congratulations on your recognition, and thank you for being an example of how Coeur Alaska Pursues a Higher Standard!

Do you want to nominate a peer for the award? Fill out a nomination form and submit it to Amanda Vredenburg at

Peer Recognition Nomination Form

Women in Mining

Women in Mining (WIM) is a nationwide organization for individuals employed in, associated with, or interested in mining. It is not limited to women; men are also encouraged to join. 

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of forming an Alaska State Chapter of Women in Mining!

If you are interested in joining the new WIM Alaska Chapter, or have questions, please contact Sarah Jensen at

Safety Focus

October is Fire Prevention Month!

All employees should be familiar with fire hazards, proper use of fire suppression systems, inspection of fire suppression systems, and evacuation protocols at site. If you have any questions, reach out to the Safety team.

 Fire safety and prevention should be utilized at home as well. This month, take the time with your family to discuss Fire Escape Planning from your home in the event of a fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has resources that you can use to discuss Fire Escape Plans with family members of all ages.

Environmental Update

There were two reportable spills during the month of September. The first spill was diesel fuel, the result of a broken fuel line, and the second spill was hydraulic oil, the result of a failed steering hose. There were no environmental permit excursions or exceedences during the month. Great job, everyone!  


As we move into the month of October, which has the highest precipitation, please inspect your work areas for stormwater issues and/or other items that have the potential to impact the environment. Report any hazards in Intelex.


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game continue with their salmon surveys in Sherman, Slate, and Johnson Creeks. They started seeing coho salmon in Slate and Johnson streams in late September. These surveys will continue through October. 


Coeur in the Community

All that Glitters - A Celebration of Mining

This year's Great Juneau Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner featured Juneau's mining industry! Co-sponsored by Coeur Alaska and Hecla, the gala provided an opportunity to showcase our operation. More than 300 people attended the first annual dinner event hosted since 2019. THANK YOU to all the Coeur Alaska volunteers who made the evening a success!

AK STEAM Conference

Coming up this week is the AK STEAM Conference. The conference is open to Alaskan teachers in STEAM fields (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math). They expect hundreds of educators to attend! Coeur Alaska is co-sponsoring the keynote speaker with our friends at Hecla Mining. We will be hosting a vendor booth to talk to teachers about all the career opportunities in mining that relate to STEAM (which is most of our jobs!). The conference will be a great opportunity to share information about our careers and education and workforce development opportunities

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