April 2022

The official newsletter of Kentucky's Beef Industry.
Hear from industry experts and world-renowned clinicians Dr. Ron Gill and Curt Pate about their perspective on how implementing sound Stockmanship practices on your operation will add value to your bottom line.
Catch up with Dr. Darrh Bullock as he discusses the update on genomic testing requirements for the 2022 CAIP cost share program.
Beef Business Foundations Series

Kenny Burdine, Steve Isaacs, and Jonathan Shepherd have teamed up to produce a Beef Business Foundations video series where they are covering topics that set the foundation for new and current beef producers. 
Here to talk about the why behind managing a beef operation is Dr. Steve Isaacs. With a 30+ year history in farm management, HR, and leadership, Isaacs brings a unique mix of experience and humor as he talks through the importance of knowing why you are in the beef business, or any business for that matter.
In this video, Jonathan Shepherd discusses depreciation, how to manage depreciation, how to account for market animals vs. breeding stock and the tax implications of the two. He also looks at how accounting differs between raised vs. purchased livestock.
Kentucky Cattlemen’s Ground Beef to Debut in Northern KY Kroger Stores
Kentucky Cattlemen’s Ground Beef (KCGB) recently celebrated its fourth year of business and this week, added 16 new locations in Northern Kentucky Kroger stores. This move added availability of local beef to consumers just in time for the grilling season. This fresh and natural (no artificial ingredients, minimally processed) 80/20 ground beef is provided by Kentucky farm families who share a commitment to animal care and the environment. 

Kentucky Cattlemen’s Ground Beef is currently available in 166 Kroger, 8 JayC food stores, and several foodservice outlets.  Many entities across the state have worked hard to bring a local beef option directly to consumers through a large, readily available retail chain. The ground beef is sourced, processed and packaged in Kentucky and readily available at Kroger stores in 4 states including Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois. To date, KCGB has impacted 257 farm families in 70 counties with total farm gate sales over $3.2 million.
“We recently celebrated National Agriculture Week in Kentucky, it only seems fitting we celebrate the expansion of Kentucky beef products in Kroger stores in Northern Kentucky,” Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Dr. Ryan Quarles said. “Being the largest beef cattle producer east of the Mississippi, Kentucky has a reputation to maintain. The fine men and women of the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association are the best example of people doing something to their finest abilities. We are excited the Kentucky Proud name is going on these packages so consumers can truly learn the quality of Kentucky beef.” 
Checkin' on the Checkoff
Through lots of consumer research, we have learned that our consumers want to know where their food comes from. By taking part in this one-day summit, you will learn from some of the best advocates the beef industry has to offer how to tell your story in an effective manner that will resonate with our consumers. 
Questions? Contact Kylie Trail at ktrail@kycattle.org or call the office at (859)278-0899.

Happening at Eden Shale Farm

"In the middle of April we rented a skid steer for a week to clean out the winter feeding areas. As I have mentioned before, we use a rotational system with our winter feeding so that the cows will eat their winter hay from four different locations. This allows the manure to not be concentrated into one location and lessens the amount of drudgery that animals have to endure to get to the hay..." (excerpt from 4/13 blog post)
Youth Activities
The YARDS Classroom
The YARDS Classroom has started to book more groups in the past few weeks, and we are excited to host more. A visit is at zero cost to participants, which includes a lesson on various beef topics, such as the Basics of Beef, and the Kentucky Beef Industry. No matter if attendees have a beef background or not, lessons are designed to reach all participants. The visit also includes a tour of Blue Grass Stockyards. Contact Bradon Burks for more information on what a trip to the YARDS might look like for your group via email at bburks@kycattle.com.
Creekside Elementary School Ag Day included both Bradon Burks and Chelsea Smither.
Casey County Junior Cattlemen's group visits the YARDS classroom in the Blue Grass Stockyards.
In The News
Cattle Judging with Playdoh
What's happening with Beef at Retail? These monthly articles leverage scanner data and other sources to inform retailers and other channel audiences on key beef industry trends and measures at retail. The topics may vary by month. We welcome your feedback, and if you are interested in a specific topic, please let us know by contacting BeefNewsNow@beef.org
Pictured above: Jessamine County 4-H members enjoy a mock cattle judging scenario using playdoh at the YARDS classroom.
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