September 2013
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"Thank you USA"
Colonel Shun-ichi Fujiki, Col. Shun for short, wrote from Japan: "Please find nullenclosed bank check for the victims of natural disasters. This is from my fellow Japanese citizens who would like to say 'Thank you USA" for the help to the victims of tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan 2 year ago.  Thousands of people were rescued by American troops at the time of need."  The natural disaster referred to was the tornadoes in Oklahoma earlier this year.  Col. Shun received the email from the Honorable Order announcing that the Order would send financial support to the area.  He shared the news with his countrymen and the result was contributions totaling $57,377 sent to us to add to our effort.  Colonels across America and several other nations also responded overwhelmingly.  The total assistance to Oklahoma from Kentucky Colonels came to $104,137.  Indeed, Kentucky Colonels Care!
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Your new Membership card and contribution card will be on its way
Medalto you in about three weeks.  You will also receive the 2013-2014 print version of the Pomperoser and Emporium catalog in the same mailing.  Please check this address to make sure it is the correct one for sending you these materials:
Beginning October 1 we will also introduce and begin distributing the 2014 Medal of Distinction.  The Medal is awarded to Colonels who support the Good Works Program with an annual contribution of $100 or more.
Maryland Colonels get license plate
lic plate  

The 600 plus Honorable Order members who live in Maryland may now decorate their vehicles with a special Kentucky Colonel license plate. A few plates are already in use. If you live in Maryland and would like to display the plate on your vehicle(s), contact Headquarters to obtain the special application form.

Maryland was a very easy state to work with in creating the plate. Only 25 prepaid applications were required in order to officially establish the plate. Many states, including Virginia and Ohio, require legislative approval before a plate can be created. Others require the number of plates purchased to be at such a level that it is not possible for us to qualify. Still others will not authorize a plate for an organization that does not have a physical presence in the state.

A Colonel Necessity?     

Elegant chrome flask with screw top holds 6 oz. Flask holder features smooth black leather finish with black stitching and belt loop. Easily attach to golf bag or belt for quick and easy access or remove from holder for pocket or purse. Laser engraved logo.  Great gift.  $30.00



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Contributions to the Good Works Program are tax deductible in the USA.  Thank you for your continuing support.

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