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Our annual Kentucky group just wrapped up a spectacular safari with us hunting 7 Cape Buffalo and numerous plains game species. What a blast it is for us to host these high-spirited hunters each season. Everyone marks their calendars for this event and we all rest up for the strain of the hunt followed by the shenanigans around the fire at night.

It is truly a safari like no other!

Charlie kicked off the safari bagging two Wildebeest on the same day, one blue and one golden,

But the day was not over yet…

Shaye took her own Golden Wildebeest and Yellow Blesbok while Tito put a Waterbuck and Gemsbok in the salt. Six animals in one day is not too shabby.

The first Buffalo of the safari was brought down by Neil, shooting his .475 Turnbull lever gun. A perfect shot saw this nice bull fall within 50 yards.

On the same day, Tito bagged a great Kudu as Shaye knocked down a Nyala and Jimmy brought home a Zebra.

In the days that followed, Anthony and Neil bagged two nice Roans while Jimmy got another Zebra and a nice Gemsbok. Neil also bagged a great Bushpig on a nighttime hunt.

Some really great Buffalo hit the salt on the safari. Anthony bagged two nice bulls, the last one being a truly phenomenal trophy.

Jimmy’s outstanding Buffalo measured 45.5” and was a giant.

Neil took another Buffalo and his granddaughter Shaye dropped hers with one great shot.

Shaye also bagged a nice Livingston Eland, Black Impala, Steenbok, and

King’s Wildebeest.

Jimmy went to work as well, taking 12 species on his hunt, including Black Impala, Sable, Nyala, Giraffe, Blesbok, Warthog, etc.

Charlie also shot a big Warthog, Nyala, and Gemsbok, plus others.

Tito & Shaye even got to spend some time at the local elephant sanctuary, which we are supporters of. Everyone loves the Elephant Education Experience!

What a great safari and what a great group. We already have them booked again for next June and can't wait to see them. Thank you, guys. We appreciate every one of you.

45 total animals were taken on this safari and good times were had by all. That’s a lot of meat to put back into the communities, a fact that we are proud of. Annually, Ken Moody Safaris puts tons of life sustaining protein back out into local communities through our sales of meat to local butcheries and donations to local schools and shelters.

The belief that ‘trophy hunting’ is a negative practice is both foolish and dangerous as it promotes a stereotype that is simply untrue. Animals are not immortal.

They don’t live forever and for them, they have three options for death;

1) starvation, sickness, and death when too old to eat,

2) death by predation where they are savagely killed and eaten, sometimes while still alive,

3) a clean death by a well-placed bullet or arrow.

There is NO alternative.

Sustainable use conservation of wildlife is a proven and effective means of regulating animals within the habitats in which they live, keeping numbers in balance with the food sources available to them. Anyone not supporting this is simply uneducated or unwilling to look at the scientific facts.

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