High Holy Days Appeal

Dear Kerem Shalom Friends,

The last year has been an extraordinary one in so many ways, to put it mildly. Resilience, adaptation, and attention to the welfare of the community have been watchwords at home, at work, and in our social networks—and Kerem Shalom has been no exception.

And in the spirit of community responsibility, one reassuring development through our personal and collective challenges through this period has been the steady generosity of the KS community. So, we wouldn’t want the High Holy Days to pass by without our traditional appeal for donations—and we hope you feel the same way!

You should be very proud of the level of financial support that you and your fellow congregants provided for Kerem Shalom. Your generosity allowed us to improve our physical infrastructure and communications systems. Your engagement has enabled the many vibrant and moving virtual religious services, Hebrew School classes, informative programs, and other events that have kept us connected to each other in these challenging times. Further investments in our technology and important building systems (from ventilation to security) are ongoing and will be integral to our ability to hold this year’s High Holy Day services, albeit largely remotely, in a more intimate, spiritual, and participatory fashion.

Membership dues only cover about three-fourths of our annual budget. Be assured that we continue to carefully manage operating expenses. In the words of our indefatigable Treasurer Ted Barten, “our budget is strung as tight as a drum.” We rely heavily on our High Holy Day Appeal to supplement our dues revenue, in order to meet our operating expenses. This year is no exception, and once again your generosity is needed. In fact, your support of the High Holiday Appeal is more important than ever, as we continue to invest in the physical and technological infrastructure necessary to maintain Kerem Shalom as a dynamic, program-rich, spiritually nourishing community in a virtual setting—and as we progressively and thoughtfully return to in-person gatherings. 

Accordingly, we are counting more than ever on the generosity of our members to provide voluntary donations to fill the gap in our annual operating budget. As in prior years, we hope you’ll consider giving in two ways. First, please consider making a voluntary donation to support the 5782 High Holy Days Appeal; we suggest a donation of $486 per family, but any amount is welcome. In addition, if you will be joined by an adult family member (post Bar/Bat Mitzvah) who is not living at home or a non-family guest for our High Holy Day services, we ask that you make a donation of $180 for each non-resident member of your extended family and $360 for each adult non-family guest.

If giving to KS at the High Holy Days is your established tradition—thank you very much! If you have not joined your fellow congregants in the past, please make this the first year of a new giving tradition!

With gratitude,

Mark Stein
VP, Co-Chair Development Committee

Matt Daniel
VP, Co-Chair Development Committee 
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Please mail to:
Kerem Shalom
P.O. Box 1646
Concord, MA 01742