Commitment, Compassion, Leadership and Care.
The Story of Dell Medical School

For everyone here at the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin, it is a little hard to believe that the students we welcomed as our first class in 2016 are now preparing to begin their fourth and final year, in which they will begin preparing to be our first graduating class, even as they pursue their own individual residency program opportunities. These past several years have been very exciting for all of us. And we have learned so much from one another, and from our remarkable and motivated students, that we wanted to share our experience with you, our valued medical education friends and colleagues. The challenge, we discovered, was how we could communicate our experience in a way that could capture both its professional rigor and emotional impact. Then we realized that our answer was obvious: since our students are the heart of our school, we decided to tell our collective story through the lens of their experience and perspective. 
To that end, our  Dell Medical School Education & Training Overview  includes a brief discussion of our approach to medical education, outlines our priorities, and describes some of our goals for the future. But the majority of the overview features three of our undergraduate medical education students, and one of our medical residents. Each of these students, while outstanding in their own way, represent the shared spirit of the Dell Medical School; and we hope that you will feel, as you share in their stories, some of the excitement and pride we feel in their development and accomplishments.
Guiding and mentoring future generations of clinician leaders is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. At the Dell Medical School, we are, every one of us, committed to advancing the art and science of medical education. Our work is distinguished by a relentless focus on excellence—in the curriculum we teach, the students we train, and the collaborative relationships we develop with our friends and colleagues across the country, and around the world. So please take a few minutes to meet our students, and share with us an exciting glimpse of the contributions they promise to make to the future of medical practice and research.