Official Popcorn Fundraiser Newsletter of the
Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA
VOLUME 10 | October 20, 2018
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Thank you for all you do to help fund Scouting Adventures!
Steps to Close-Out the Sale
Rebalance Day is Next Saturday:
October 27, 2018
Reads Moving Systems
2600 Turnpike Drive, Hatboro, PA 19040

This is the final opportunity for all units to return unsold product; popcorn cannot be accepted after this time.

This week, all unit popcorn coordinators should:
  1. Collect all Take Orders from your Scouts.
  2. Collect and inventory any remaining popcorn from families/dens who were doing Show & Sells and other sales.
  3. Fill as many Take Orders from your current inventory as possible.
  4. List any remaining items needed to fill your Scouts' Take Orders (that will be your Order #3).
  5. Compile any remaining product you have to return.
  6. If your unit does have returns, please use the Unit Returns feature through the Trail's End Popcorn System to indicate how much product (in containers, not cases) you will be bringing to Rebalance Day. This is new for 2018 and will make the process much simpler! See the tutorial below.

Don't forget that your unit will get an extra 2% commission if you don't return any product! It may be worth keeping that extra few cases of product you've got left over.

For units that do not have items to return (congratulations on that extra 2% commission!):
If you have a Take Order (Order #3) to place, please log in to the Popcorn System by Saturday, October 27 to place your order. These items will be available to pick up on Saturday, November 10 at the locations where you picked up Order #2 (we may offer additional locations based on the volume of orders).

Don't forget to record Military Donations!

For units that have items to return:
  • The schedule including your unit's time will be posted/shared next week. All units will be scheduled between 8:00 AM and 12 Noon.
  • Bring the list of items needed for your Take Orders.
  • Bring a blank check to pay your balance due (optional).
  • Do not enter your Take Orders (Order #3) into the Popcorn System. We will fill as much as your Take Order needs as we can that day, based on inventory. We will place your unit's Order #3 on site on Saturday for pickup on November 10.
  • Please note that the following items can be returned:
  • Sealed containers (individual containers (bags/boxes) of any product type offered by the Cradle of Liberty Council.
  • Individual containers that were damaged when your unit received them. Please point out these items when you are returning and we will make sure your invoice is adjusted.
  • We are unable to accept:
  • Any opened containers (individual bags, microwave boxes).
  • Any chocolate products that appear/feel to be melted and solidified.
  • Any Chocolate Lover's Tins.
  • Individually packaged items that were not intended for retail sale (i.e. individual microwave pouches, foil bags from collections).

Also, to expedite Rebalance Day, please try to return only full cases.
Have product that you know you'll be returning? Please use the Popcorn System unit returns feature in advance of rebalance day. It will make the process smoother on October 27!
New Scout Champions Program
Scouts who sell $1,000 or more (including online sales!) will get an invite to a special Dave & Buster's Experience! Scouts selling $1,500 or more will also receive Amazon gift cards.

The event is scheduled for January 19, 2019 at the Penn's Landing Philadelphia location from 11 AM to 4 PM.

In order to qualify, Scouts (or parent of) are required to register a account so the unit coordinator can enter face-to-face sale amounts in the Trail’s End Scout tracking system. Watch the instructional video here.
Resources and Training
Scout Take Order & Prize Forms are also available from your district professional, district kernel or at the Firestone Scouting Resource Center.

Visit and click the links below for the latest resources and training videos.

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