Official Popcorn Fundraiser Newsletter of the
Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA
VOLUME 3 | August 30, 2018
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Thank you for all you do to help fund Scouting Adventures!
Friday is the Last Day to Enter the Wawa "Lottery"
On October 6 or 7, our units will have a great opportunity to sell at a selection of Wawa stores in our area. Wawa has graciously allowed Scouts this opportunity for many years at their available and approved locations, with site coordination through the council. Please do not contact your local Wawa store or the corporate office directly. This will negatively effect our ability to provide this service in the future.

Click the button below for your unit to enter the Wawa location lottery, which will be closing at the end of August. The results/schedule will be posted on the website during the first week of September. Please note that not all Wawa locations are made available due to safety and logistic concerns or pending Wawa renovations.
Recruiting at Show and Sells, You're already there why not recruit some new families too?
The national top selling Popcorn unit not only sold $190,000 in popcorn, but they also increased the youth their Pack served by over 20 percent! How did they do it? Check out this video for their story.

The most important thing is to make sure you have a flyer, unit business card, or invitation with your Units information on it. You can use the scout business card template (click here) as a great way to invite new families to join your Pack or Troop. Make sure you have interest cards or a sign up sheet, interested families can provide their information and your Unit can send them an invitation to your next event or even register online.

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Creating a online Scout Fundraising Page Video - Great way to boost Unit Sales
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