Official Popcorn Fundraiser Newsletter of the
Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA
VOLUME 8 | October 4, 2018
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Thank you for all you do to help fund Scouting Adventures!
Wawa Weekend is Almost Here!
Get excited about Wawa Show & Sells this weekend! The weather forecast is looking great.

Please know the safety rules and guidelines provided by Wawa, that must be followed when selling popcorn:
  • Solicitations must be at least ten (10) feet away from any door of the store as designated by the general manager.
  • A maximum of four (4) people at any one time. Minors must ALWAYS be accompanied by adults.
  • Group uniforms/identification must be worn (BSA field uniform is preferred).
  • To protect solicitors, if there are no safety bollards, your vehicle must be parked in a space directly in front of your collection area excluding handicap or non-designated parking spaces, and remain there for the duration of the activity.
  • Duration of activity must not exceed four day light hours, 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.
  • Solicitations may not be conducted in an aggressive or confrontational manner.
  • Smoking is prohibited while soliciting customers (and, of course, never permitted in front of Scouts).
  • Porch area must not be blocked.
  • No individual sales will be approved outside of the council-level arrangement.

When members of your pack or troop arrive at your Wawa location, please set up as outlined above, and introduce yourself to the manager on duty to let him know that you are there. If any issues arise, please email

If your unit is in need of more product, please post a request on the council popcorn Facebook group and contact your district popcorn coordinator and/or professional to let them know your product needs. We will do our best to help facilitate a product transfer from another unit. The product is most likely out there; last year more than $75,000 in product was returned to the council (we cannot return this to Trail’s End). As a result, there is not a lot of excess product at the council office.

A few things to consider:
  • If you’ve sold out of just a few products, please keep in mind that you don’t need every product selection to have a successful Show & Sell. You can always take orders for products you don’t have on hand. Don’t forget we have another order, the Take Order!
  • It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’ve sold all your product – in fact, if you met your unit fundraising goals, it’s a great thing! Even still, it doesn’t mean your unit has to stop selling – again, don’t forget we have another order, the Take Order! There are online sales, too!
  • If you have more Show & Sells scheduled and you can’t get product to sell, there’s probably another unit out there that would benefit from the location you scheduled. Please reach out through the Facebook group and to your district coordinator to help facilitate.

Alternatively, if you have excess product that you can part with, please post so units that can immediately sell it can do so. The goal is to sell this popcorn to fund Scouting Adventures – it does no good sitting around! Please don't wait until Popcorn Rebalance Day to return large quantities of product.

If you still have a lot of product left over after Wawa weekend and don't have any other Show & Sells planned, please let us know through the channels above and let's get your product transferred to another unit so it can be sold!
Unit-to-Unit Product Transfers
Unit-to-unit popcorn transfers can now be recorded in the Trail's End Popcorn System! We encourage units to exchange excess product to units that need it, as opposed to returning it at the end of the sale when it can no longer be sold (unlike units returning product to the council, the council cannot return product to Trail's End). Check out the link below for details.

You may also use the Product Transfer form available at > Info & Resources > Documents tab. When using this method, it is the responsibility of the transferring unit to submit this form to the council.

You must use the Popcorn System or submit a hardcopy form when exchanging product, otherwise we have no way of knowing that your unit invoice needs to be adjusted.

Don't forget to use the council popcorn Facebook group to post product your unit needs or would like to transfer.

This system can also be used to facilitate returns -- more about that in the next edition.
Special Deal for Online Orders: Oct. 5-7
New Scout Champions Program
Scouts who sell $1,000 or more (including online sales!) will get an invite to a special Dave & Buster's Experience! Scouts selling $1,500 or more will also receive Amazon gift cards.

The event is scheduled for January 19, 2019 at the Penn's Landing Philadelphia location from 11 AM to 4 PM.

In order to qualify, Scouts (or parent of) are required to register a account so the unit coordinator can enter face-to-face sale amounts in the Trail’s End Scout tracking system. Watch the instructional video here.
Weekly Video
Resources and Training
Scout Take Order & Prize Forms are also available from your district professional, district kernel or at the Firestone Scouting Resource Center.

Visit and click the links below for the latest resources and training videos.

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