Hi Popcorn Enthusiasts!!!!

We had a fantastic turnout at the three kick-offs over the past couple of weeks! There was lots of information shared and good questions on the improved unit funding sale. We are excited to have you on-board for the 2018 sale.

This is our first weekly communication to relay information, important updates and reminders for key deadlines.

We have updated the council website to reflect the files and documents that were distributed and referenced at the kick-offs. Visit https://lecbsa.org/unitfunding for everything related to the sale.

As we shared at the kick-off, planning and preparation will ensure you have a successful unit funding sale. Here are a few tips to help.

  • Develop an annual program plan and budget with input from parents and Scouts.
  • Set a unit sales goal and a per scout goal. Use the tools available at Trails-End.com.
  • Develop a unit incentive plan to keep it exciting for scouts and family members and encourage 100% participation in your unit.
  • Study the successful units in the council and elsewhere, and copy what they do. You can’t expect better results if you don't incorporate new techniques and methods.
  • Hold a FUN and EXCITING Unit Kick-off for Your Families and Scouts.
  • Communicate frequently with Scouts and family members.
  • Utilize the training videos and resources to help with all aspects of the sale.
Popcorn Sales Overview
Hosting a Kick-off
Hold a FUN and EXCITING Unit Kick-off for Your Families - The meeting should explain the popcorn sale and communicate sales expectations to your parents. Build excitement with the Scouts through the prize and incentives program. 

Popcorn Team Training Series
Whether you are a new unit kernel or an experienced kernel, a series of 24 videos have been created on a variety of topics such as ways to sell, show and sell basics, scheduling shifts, sale logistics, training Scouts and parents, and much more.

August 1 - Online Sales Begin
September 4 - Show and Sell Orders Due
September 14/15 - Product Distribution
September 14-October 5 - Amnesty Period
November 5  - Show and Sell Returns Due
more .....

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