Popcorn Kernels!!!!

As a reminder y our Scout sales were to be entered in the Popcorn System by no later than December 3. Visit the Scout Champion website for instructions on how to enter . As a reminder Scouts must have an online account in order to issue sales credit in Scout Tracking. If you do not see your Scouts listed in the Sales Tracker it is because they have not created an online account. Please contact heather.mcmillan@scouting.org if you have additional questions or needing assistance.

Popcorn payment was also due December 3. Invoices are downloadable in the popcorn system under the Popcorn Order tab.
Scout Champions & Prizes
Sell $650 - Have your families register for Q For A Day (January 26) to claim their 2 free tickets. Additional tickets may be purchased. If trying to order as an entire unit, please email kwalker@cavs.com or call 216-420-2137.

Sell $1250 - Monster Jam Trucks (February 17) priority ticket ordering information coming soon.

Sell $2500 - Complete the Trail's End Scholarship form for each Scout that sold over $2500 and submit to heather.mcmillan@scouting.org . Scouts only have to hit the $2500 minimum one time, and don't forget online sales count!

Top 50 Sellers - Scouts will be notified in the coming weeks via email to claim their two VIP tickets for the Cleveland Cavaliers game on March 18.
December 3 - Final Payment Due
December 3 - Incentive/Recognition Due
January 26 - Q For A Day
February 17 - Monster Jam Truck
March 18 - Top 50 Cavs game
Heather McMillan
(216) 458-8911