Hi Popcorn Enthusiasts!!!!

In 17 short days the Show and Sell Popcorn order is due (September 4 th ). Every great adventure starts with a plan. As we shared at the kick-off, planning and preparation will ensure you have a successful unit funding sale. Here are a few short tips to help you get prepared for your popcorn sale.

  1. Develop a unit program plan.
  2. Create or review your unit's budget.
  3. Set your unit's sales goal.
  4. Set a sales goal for each Scout.
  5. Host a fun kick-off rally.
  6. Have fun selling!

Be sure to check out this weeks training videos on Team Building & Planning and Goal Setting.

Additional information, files and documents that were distributed and referenced at the kick-offs are available at https://lecbsa.org/unitfunding .
What's in the Box?
If you missed the council kickoff, every unit received a unit funding kit. Check out this short video on what was provided. Please contact your Unit Serving Executive if you need additional materials or if you did not receive your kit.
Training Videos
Team Building & Planning
The popcorn sale is too big for one person, consider spreading the work amongst a team (sales, administration, motivation) for shared ideas and shared efforts. Plan the sale like a business.
Goal Setting
Take your sales to the top, by having a unit and Scout goal. Break down that goal into achievable expectations of time and effort for each Scout. The goal has to be achievable in the eyes of the Scout family.
August 1 - Online Sales Begin
September 4 - Show and Sell Orders Due
September 14/15 - Product Distribution
September 14-October 5 - Amnesty Period
November 5  - Show and Sell Returns Due
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