Popcorn Kernels!!!!

With the flurry of emails, phone calls and social media posts I am hearing and seeing some good success during the first week of the popcorn sale. Units have been calling the Unit Service Center for additional product. With our inventory running low we ordered an additional 10 pallets worth of product that will be here next week, including the sought after Cheese Lovers Collection that was not available during the initial ordering process.

  • We have popcorn inventory for those units needing extra product.
  • Between September 14, 2018 - October 5, 2018 units may return unwanted product (full cases only).
  • Extra order forms can be downloaded from the website or picked up from your Unit Serving Executive.
  • Like LEC-BSA Unit Funding: Popcorn Sale on Facebook.
  • Don't forget about the Scout Champions Program and the other cool recognition that we are offering the top selling Scouts.
  • Sell 1 Item: Sell each of the show & sell products and earn a limited edition patch.
  • Sell $650: Two (2) free Cleveland Monsters tickets, Q For A Day experience on January 26. 
  • Sell $1,250: Two (2) priority tickets to see Monster Jam Trucks on February 16.
  • Top 50 Sellers: Will receive 2 VIP tickets to see the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons on March 18.
Show & Sell booths from this past week
Additional Product Reordering
We have popcorn inventory for those units that need additional product. An additional order was placed today based on demand that includes Cheese Lovers as requested.

Current Inventory
Salted Caramel Popcorn - 48 cases
Premium Caramel Corn w/nuts - 50 cases
18pk Unbelievable Butter - 90 cases
White Cheddar - 70 cases
Classic Caramel Corn - 120 cases
Popping Corn - 42 cases

Cheese Lovers Collection - 225 cases
Units needing additional product should send an email to lec.popcorn.orders@gmail.com or by contacting Tony Binkowski at 216-314-3633.
Amnesty Window Return Procedures
Between September 14, 2018 - October 5, 2018 units may return unwanted product (full cases only) by contacting Tony Binkowski and Heather McMillan to arrange a date and time.

There will also be three dates for units to return product at specific locations:
  • September 27 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM at Heidelberg Distribution Center
  • September 28 from 4:00 - 7:00 PM at Moving Solutions
  • October 5 from 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 PM at the Lake Erie Council Unit Service Center.
Stay Informed
Join the LEC-BSA Unit Funding: Popcorn Sale group to stay informed, share ideas, post photos, learn best practices, and swap product.
Training Videos
Inventory Tracking
Tracking inventory and sales is by far one of the most time intensive parts of the popcorn sale. Be sure to have a good plan to ensure success.
Take Order Selling Basics
The take order selling is one of the most classic ways of selling. Some units prefer this selling method because all orders are collected on a presale basis. The unit does not assume the risk with having inventory.
Resources & Downloads
August 1: Online Sales Begin
September 14 - October 5: Amnesty Period
November 5: Show and Sell Returns Due
November 7 - Take Orders Due
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Heather McMillan
(216) 458-8911