Popcorn Kernels!!!!

As a reminder your Show and Sell Popcorn order is due Tuesday, September 4, 2018 by 5:00 p.m. in the Popcorn System . Utilize the Show and Sell Calculator to help calculate your popcorn order. Additional popcorn will be available in limited quantities after the initial distribution.

Ordering Reminders
  • Please confirm your username and password for the Trail's End popcorn system. If you need assistance, please contact Heather at heather.mcmillan@scouting.org or 216-458-8911.
  • A complete Trail’s End Popcorn System tutorial video is also available.
  • Go to http://scouting.trails-end.com to place your initial order (cases only).
  • You will be assigned to the closest distribution site unless you email Heather and specify differently so we can change it in system.
  • Remember to double check your order before submission

If you missed the council kick-off, every unit received a unit funding kit. Please contact your Unit Serving Executive if you need additional materials or if you did not receive your kit.
Popcorn Distribution Locations
Distribution locations are manned by volunteers and LEC team members. To make sorting and distribution as smooth as possible, please consider helping in your local warehouse. If your warehouse takes appointments, be sure to sign up in advance and be timely with your pickups. 
Training Videos
Show and Sell Basics
More selling locations provides more selling shifts. More work shifts equals more fundraising dollars your unit will earn.
Booking Show and Sell Locations
The first step in organizing your show and sell locations is booking high volume store front locations in your community.
Online Selling Has Never Been so Easy
August 1 - Online Sales Begin
September 4 - Show and Sell Orders Due
September 14/15 - Product Distribution
September 14-October 5 - Amnesty Period
November 5  - Show and Sell Returns Due
more .....
Heather McMillan
(216) 458-8911