Carl Kerridge
Prayer Lanterns - S. Korea
28" x 38"
Carl Kerridge
Myrtle Beach, SC
Artist Website

As a Myrtle Beach Wedding and Event Photographer, I would define my style as modern photojournalism blended with fine art photography. I love to move freely through, like a true photojournalist, and frame and pose like a fine artist. I work primarily with digital and oversee all post production but still love to work film cameras. I have a new found love for printed albums. I love to travel, anywhere for a good reason. 
- Carl Kerridge
Who I am 

I'm English so I love a good cuppa tea. I am an artist who loves his inner child for its innocent and honest view of the world. I am a high energy photojournalist William to go to any extreme to capture that ONE image that will bring you back to the true emotion of the moment.