Wagon Days Poster 2016
2016 Wagon Days Poster                                                                                                                            Artist: Nina Fox 

City of Ketchum
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Ketchum, Idaho 83340
"Small Town, Big Life"

August 14, 2016
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A Message From Mayor Nina Jonas: Arts Inspire Business Innovation

Nina Color Last week, The Americans for the Arts Leadership Roundtable convened in Sun Valley to discuss Creative Problem Solving: The Arts, Business and Innovative Ideas. Discussions of the influence of art on creative thinking and innovative businesses led me to reflect on Ketchum industry.
Ketchum has a culture of innovation that has led to a history of firsts. Sun Valley Company was the first destination ski resort and designed the first chairlift. Scott USA created the first aluminum ski pole. Smith Optics designed the first non-fogging ski goggles and then interchangeable-lens sunglasses.
Our community has always felt the importance of the arts in creating a livable place. The Sun Valley Center for the Arts was formed in the late 1960s to foster an environment where artists could share and experiment. The benefit was not simply to the lovers of art but to the community's overall culture.
Businesses not afraid to try something new thrive in Ketchum. Companies like MTN Approach, the first snowboard-specific backcountry brand by and for snowboarders, and First Lite, designer of premier hunting apparel, combine innovative design and authenticity to move their respective industries.
Encouraging and maintaining this culture of innovation is imperative to the continued success of Ketchum. The city supports this culture by encouraging the arts through the Ketchum Arts Commission, entrepreneurs through the Ketchum Innovation Center and community values with resolutions such as the single-use plastic bottle ban.
New businesses are starting up in Ketchum in this environment. We have companies like Solu, the first comprehensive multimedia storytelling platform; Nardagani, reading made easy; and Vyykn, providing great drinking water without disposable bottles.  These creative businesses are innovators in their fields and will provide the next chapter in our history of firsts.
Ketchum's culture of innovation is alive and well-stimulated by an appreciation of the arts and lifestyle. Local fitness entrepreneur Miles Fink-Debray selected the business name, Miles to GoThis name encapsulates the essence of our community's passion to push itself and continue innovating.

It is an honor to serve you. 

Q. How have Idaho Power franchise fees been used by the city?

A. Franchise fee revenue goes into the general fund and is dedicated towards capital improvements. The funds are allocated by City Council when it adopts the budget each fiscal year. The fund pays for undergrounding power lines, energy-efficient projects and other improvements such as streetlights, sidewalks and park improvements.
In 2003, voters approved an increase in the Idaho Power franchise fee from 1 to 3 percent. The allocation was outlined in the ballot language as "(1) Not less than two percent dedicated to underground the southern entrance and the commercial core areas; (2) up to 0.5 percent dedicated to the maintenance, operation and conversion of streetlights to comply with the Dark Sky Ordinance; and (3) up to 0.5 percent dedicated to the improvements in residential areas."
Even though these allocations were present on the ballot, since 2003, the monies have always been placed into the general fund and allocated as they are today, by City Council during its budget discussions. The city has verified that this approach is legal.

From 2003 to 2015, $2,689,181 in franchise fees was collected. During that period, $1,110,906 was spent on undergrounding projects. The undergrounding of power lines on Fifth Street in 2012/13 consumed almost three years of franchise fees for that single project. Funds not used for undergrounding during that period were dedicated towards other city projects such as the Fourth Street improvements.
This year, the city has budgeted the $250,000 in projected franchise fee revenue by dedicating $120,000 toward undergrounding projects and $100,000 toward energy-saving projects, such as lighting retrofits and solar installations.

Do you have a question for Mayor Nina Jonas? AskNina@ketchumidaho.org

Note: If you submit a question to "Ask Nina," your name may be published unless you request that it be withheld.
Stay involved. Included here are links to Monday's Council agenda, Council meeting information and a survey on parking. It is the responsibility of the city to inform the public and gain public input. Please provide the city with your opinion and comments by taking this week's survey on parking, sending an email to participate@ketchumidaho.org or attending Monday's meeting, beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Ketchum City Hall, 480 East Ave., N. Thank you, Nina

  Agenda    Info    Survey
Water Drop
The city of Ketchum recently conducted a survey to better understand public perception and knowledge of the city's water resources, systems and services. Results suggest that residents are unclear as to whether there is a possible water shortage. About a third of the respondents to last week's city survey said they "don't know" whether Ketchum has a water shortage, while another third said the city "possibly" or "definitely" has a water shortage. 
While city residents may not be experiencing water shortages at the tap, recent work by the U.S. Geological Survey has shown that groundwater levels in the Big Wood aquifer have been declining over time. Further, Ketchum and other groundwater users in the Wood River basin were recently subjected to a "water call" by more senior surface water users in the southern parts of the Big and Little Wood river basins. The call was ultimately dismissed by the Department of Water Resources because it failed to meet filing standards. Slightly more than half of survey respondents were aware of the water call.
In response to concerns over the condition of the Big Wood aquifer and the larger Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer, the Idaho Department of Water Resources is considering including the Big Wood basin in a Critical Ground Water Area that includes the Eastern Snake Plain aquifer and its tributaries. The Department has suggested that municipalities in the Big Wood basin may be required to reduce water consumption in order to help manage aquifers or to respond to future water calls by downstream users.
The city's water rate structure is a monthly base charge plus a graduated usage charge that increases with higher water consumption. Approximately three-fourths of survey respondents agree that customers who use substantially more water than average should pay a higher rate per gallon.
Approximately 90 percent of survey respondents are satisfied with water services provided by the city. These services include providing water to residences and businesses for potable uses, irrigation and fire protection; operating and maintaining six municipal drinking water wells, three storage reservoirs and two booster pump stations; reading and repairing meters; supervising installation of water service connections; and processing utility bills.  
Fourteen percent of eligible water accounts are using the city's recently instituted WaterSmart platform, a program that provides customers direct access to their water meter data so they can make smart decisions about how water is used in their homes and businesses in order to save water and money. The city is encouraging all eligible water users to join the program at no additional cost. The majority of survey respondents said the city makes it easy to understand water usage and to save money on water bills, or are neutral on the topic. For more information, contact  participate@ketchumidaho.org .

It's all in the details. Ketchum's Nina Fox concentrates on details that tell the story.
Perhaps that is why her artwork has been selected for Wagon Days 2016, Ketchum's annual Labor Day celebration, for the second time. Her photograph of the late historian Ivan Swaner was selected as the 2011 Wagon Days poster.

Fox was surprised and pleased to learn that a few days ago, Mr. Swaner's personal copy of the 2011 Wagon Days poster, signed by both Swaner and Fox, was donated to the Ore Wagon Museum by his longtime friend Sam Kory.

Nina Fox The 2016 Wagon Days poster is a "collage" of colorful and vibrant images from Ketchum and earlier Wagon Days parades, including the iconic ore wagons, the Sun Valley red barn and the horse with the painted hand, an Eh- Capa bareback rider's horse, that are typically painted with traditional native symbols. Eh-Capa annually gives an exhibition and then rides in the parade.

"By submitting artwork for the Wagon Days poster, I am hoping to give back a little something to the community," Fox said. "I am honored to have been chosen. Along with the lifestyle, friendly people and beautiful landscapes, Ketchum continuously surprises and inspires. There is a feeling you are someplace very special. Those who live and vacation here are active individuals and families who enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors and the many activities, such as Wagon Days, that Ketchum has to offer."

Fox is passionate about many things in life, including her daughters, her dogs, her beautiful home in Ketchum and her photography. Though photography has been a constant part of her life since she was young, it hasn't always been her primary focus. With her daughters now grown and other ventures behind her, Fox immersed herself back into her photography as a creative, and for the first time, professional outlet.

"Living and having my atelier in Ketchum has given me limitless freedom to be creative and independent," she said. Her path, colored by the rich history of America's first ski town and shaped by a life spent on the beaches of Southern California, the shores of Oahu and the craggy peaks of the Sawtooth mountains, led her to discover her creative niche.

A few years ago, Fox began printing photographic images on different mediums and was immediately struck with the inspiration for photographic gift wrap. In 2012, she launched Haute Wrap, her inaugural gift wrap collection, which included home décor and office accessories. A luxurious collection of Italian scarves, known for their vibrancy of color and unique photographic imagery, was quickly added. You can find Haute Wrap Home photographic frames, trays, pillows and Haute Wrap Italian scarves in local boutiques or online at www.hautewrap.com and   www.hautewraphome.com.

Copies of this year's poster will be on sale at the Wagon Days headquarters in the Ore Wagon Museum, 500 East Avenue, starting Aug. 22. Posters signed by the artist will be available for $30 and unsigned for $25.
Fox's art is also part of the city's Cover Art project, vinyl images of original art wrapped around utility boxes, and can be seen at the corner of Warm Springs Road and Lewis Street.  

Wagon Days
Dust off your boots, put on your hat and get ready for the biggest old-fashioned celebration of the year - Wagon Days! Now in its 59th year, this celebration of the valley's western, mining heritage continues to grow bigger and better, bringing over 17,000 visitors to town.

This year, the city has planned a free, family-friendly concert with local band Andrew Sheppard, Boise band New Transit and headliner Amy Clawson & Coltrane. The concert will be held Saturday, Sep. 3, on East Avenue after the parade. Amy Clawson & Coltrane will hit the stage at 6 p.m. Children's events will take place on Fourth Street between East and Walnut avenues until 5 p.m.

How Can You Participate?
  • Food Vending - East Avenue (between Fourth Street and Sun Valley Road) during parade and concert. FREE for Ketchum businesses. (Some locations available on parade route with fee.)
  • Sidewalk Sale - Display and sell your products during Saturday's events while town is full of end-of-season visitors!
  • Host a Parade Party - Do you have a business on the parade route? Throw a party!
  • Promote your business by becoming a sponsor. Wagon Days offers a number of opportunities to promote your business.
  • Donate - Every little bit helps.
  • Come out for all the festivities!

Wagon Days events include the grand marshal ceremony, music (NEW CONCERT THIS YEAR), arts, crafts, antique fairs, cowboy poetry, old-time fiddling, pancake breakfast, a good old-fashioned barn dance and the Big Hitch parade. Visit www.wagondays.com for a full schedule of events.


For more information or to reserve your vending space, contact Event Coordinator Heather LaMonica Deckard at 720-4535 or heather@sunvalleyevents.com.



CAMPFIRES PROHIBITED in ketchum/northern blaine county
"Stage 1" fire restrictions, including prohibiting campfires, are in effect in Ketchum, Sun Valley and Northern Blaine County.  
The following are prohibited on state and private forestland and rangeland, and on public land, roads, and trails including all public and private land in north Blaine County (cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley and the Ketchum Rural Fire District) until further notice:
  1. Building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire or stove fire, except within a designated recreation site, and only within a fire structure provided by the administrative agency.
  2. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials.
Redundant Line Ketchum and Sun Valley city councils, along with Blaine County Commissioners, will hold a public workshop on Thursday, Aug. 18, to hear Idaho Power discuss issues and alternatives to a proposed transmission line to serve the Wood River Valley. The meeting will be from 1-3 p.m. at the Community Library in Ketchum.
The proposed 138-kilovolt line would extend north along Highway 75 from the Wood River substation north of Hailey to Ketchum and Sun Valley. It could go underground through Ketchum to the existing substation on Sun Valley Road. The new line would provide redundant electric power to the north valley.
The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the project need and purpose; reliability, economic and environmental impacts to the communities; location alternatives; fiscal impact; and methodology for distributing costs.
Discussions will be open to Idaho Power representatives, members of local citizen advisory committees and the public.
The existing transmission line runs from Hailey to Ketchum through Elkhorn and over Dollar Mountain.

Jazz in the Park More music lovers than ever before were at the two concert series, Ketch'em Alive and Jazz in the Park, sponsored by the city and private donors this summer.
"Attendance was up, the parks were full and there were lots of happy people" on virtually every concert date, organizer Will Caldwell said. Exact figures are not available, as the concerts are free.
The increased attendance was particularly noticeable at this year's final jazz concert, which featured the Idaho Falls Jazz House Big Band with 17 musicians and three vocalists. "They've been here for several years now," Caldwell said, "and more people discover them and return each year."
Jazz in the Park took place on Sundays in Rotary Park, while Ketch'em Alive was on Tuesdays in Forest Service Park.
"We had a diverse group of bands in terms of both music styles and national origins," he said. "We also know that we have a lot of people who love to dance at Ketch'em Alive, so we always look for music that is good for both listening and dancing.  This past year included bands featuring country, Latin, Irish, and rock tunes, as well as deejays.
"We get new fans here every year, too," Caldwell said. "They bring their families and their friends, and it continues to grow."
Mickey Henderson
Mickey Henderson has joined the Ketchum Police Department as a patrol deputy. He previously was a patrol deputy in Lea County, N.M.
Born and raised in Hobbs, N. M., Henderson traveled through much of the world during his six years in the U.S. Army. He is working on an associate's degree in criminal justice at the University of Phoenix.
Why Ketchum? "I love the city's approach to policing, as well as the relationship between the public and the department. Everyone does what he or she can to keep the peace and maintain a positive relationship within the community," he said. "The Ketchum Police Department is a model for exactly what policing should be across the country."
2014.07.17 Mayor Nina Jonas
Registration Open for Fall After School Program
Registration for fall youth recreation programs of the city of Ketchum is now open online at www.ketchumidaho.org/registration. The After School Program at Atkinson Park serves children currently enrolled in second through fifth grades. The program runs through the school year Monday through Friday with a variety of sign-up options. Activities are planned on days that Hemingway Elementary School is closed.

Wood River Trail Through Ketchum to Close for 2 Weeks
A portion of the Wood River Trail will be closed Monday, Aug. 15, through Friday, Aug. 26, for seal-coat maintenance. The closure will run from the north end of the trail at Hulen Meadows south through Ketchum to the intersection with East Fork Road.
State Seeks Opinions on Timmerman Junction 
The Idaho Department of Transportation is seeking opinions on possible future changes at the intersection of U.S. Highway 20 and State Highway 75 at the Timmerman Hill intersection. An online survey is available here.  Additional information is available here.
Americans for the Arts Meets in Ketchum
Americans for the Arts held its meeting in Sun Valley this week for the third year in a row, underscoring Ketchum's role as a center for the arts.
Coming Up at City Council
The City Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 15, at 5:30 p.m. will include a review of an application for a liquor license by the Limelight Hotel, now under construction on Main Street. Council will also consider a request by Trail Creek Fund, LLC for an amendment to the city's fee resolution and will hear an update as to the status of the building permit for planned Auberge Hotel, expected to be under construction soon. Click here for agenda and staff reports.
Special City Council Meeting 
City Council will hold a special meeting on Monday, Aug., 29, at 5:30 p.m. to conduct a final public hearing on the budget for the upcoming fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.


Water Matters 
Community conversation about local and regional water concerns will take place Tuesday, Aug. 16, at the Harker Center Lounge, 1 Harker Lane, in Elkhorn. Public Works Director/City Engineer Robyn Mattison and others will speak at this water talk hosted by the Wood River Land Trust, Elkhorn in Sun Valley and the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley. 
City Council 
Attend the next City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 15. City Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month in Ketchum City Hall. Click here to see the agenda and staff reports or scan the QR code.

Planning and Zoning Commission 
Attend the next Planning and Zoning Commission meetings at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 22. P&Z meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month in Ketchum City Hall. Click here for agendas and staff reports or scan the QR code.

Public Comment 
If you cannot attend the Council or P&Z meetings and would like to express an opinion, please submit your comments via email to participate@ketchumidaho.org. Your input and engagement is encouraged. All comments will be reviewed. 
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