Ketogenic Diet Provides
Cluster Headache Relief
Headache complaints are among the most commonly reported neurological disorders.
Cluster headache (CH) is the most severe type of headache , significantly more intense and frequent than a migraine. CH can occur up to eight times per day, with the cluster period lasting for weeks or months. Patients with chronic CH (CCH) have no remission periods . An Italian research group recently examined the effects of 12-weeks of a ketogenic diet intervention (using a Modified Atkins Diet, MAD) on drug-resistant CCH in 18 patients 
Blood Test for Concussion Diagnosis
As part of its Breakthrough Devices Program, the FDA recently authorized marketing for the Brain Trauma Indicator, the first blood test to evaluate mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in adults. TBI, also known as a “concussion,” can result in short- and long-term impairments in cognition, movement, sensation, and emotional functioning. This article explores TBI prevalence, the current diagnostic standard of care for suspected TBI, why a blood test for mTBI is valuable, and the evidence basis for the Brain Trauma Indicator
The Metagenics Institute sponsored the Integrative Healthcare Symposium (IHS) 2018 pre-conference “Navigating the Gut-Brain Axis to Optimize Cognitive Health Across the Lifespan” February 21, 2018 in New York City.

The speakers explored:
- Science of the gut-brain axis and its associations with nutrition
- Targeted clinical implementation strategies to support cognitive health across the lifecycle
- Role of physical fitness in brain health
- Latest research on specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) in neuroinflammation
Gut-Brain Axis & Cognitive Outcomes 
Scott Bergman, DC and Christopher Keroack, MD, IFMCP
Scott Bergman, DC
Christopher Keroack, MD, IFMCP
Thursday, March 22, 2018
11-11:35 AM PT
In this week’s Metagenics Advanced Practitioner Services (MAPS) talk series , first Dr. Scott Bergman, Director of Chiro Kinetics, discusses “Sports and the Ketogenic Diet,” exploring how the therapeutic ketogenic eating program helps inflammatory conditions, as well as athletes’ endurance, recovery and performance

Next, Dr. Christopher Keroack, internist and CEO at New England Center for Functional Medicine, shares clinical insights on “How to Implement a Ketogenic Diet.” In this talk, Dr. Keroack shares the challenges and successes he has experienced in his practice guiding patients through the ketogenic food plan, including improvements he has observed for hormone balance, insulin sensitivity, weight loss, and metabolism
Watch a preview of the upcoming MAPS talks below
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