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What Is All Of The Buzz About the Ketogenic Diet? 


With the new year comes a lot of hope for making long lasting changes for improved health and longevity. This goal is shared for our furry friends as well.

 With the Ketogenic Diet gaining popularity among the human community, it has become the latest diet craze that many are seeking to achieve their goals. 

Recent studies have shown that our pets may benefit greatly from the Ketogenic Diet for many issues including cancer, diabetes, weight loss and seizures.

Quoted by Ty Bollinger in the Truth About Pet Cancer, "Of the 12 million new cases of dog and cat cancer that will be diagnosed this year, only 5% have a genetic cause. The remaining 95% are caused by lifestyle and environment factors which can be eliminated."

One of the lifestyle changes that can be made to enhance your pet's health is to switch your dog to a Ketogenic Diet or even a raw diet. Below is an explanation of what the Ketogenic diet is. It is taken from the Keto Pet Sanctuary website. Keto Pet Sanctuary, founded in 2014 is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping shelter dogs find their forever home after their cancer diagnosis. By following a very specific protocol which includes feeding a Ketogenic Diet, many of these dogs have been able to fight their battle with cancer and remain cancer free. 

We have been working with a local veterinarian, Dr. Cheryl Peterein who has been recommending the Ketogenic Diet for dogs with cancer.

The staff at Bark Avenue can show you how to make this diet possible for your pet by providing you with simple guidelines. 

Ketopet Sanctuary 
A Pet Parent's Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet is one that is high in fat, adequate in protein, and low in carbohydrates (carbs). When non-fibrous carbs are significantly reduced, protein is moderate, and dietary fat is increased, the body will naturally switch its primary fuel source from carbohydrates to fat. Once a person or dog begins using fat for fuel instead of glucose, the liver breaks down those fats into ketone bodies which are then used for energy by tissues throughout the body. This process induces a healthy metabolic state called ketosis.

The ketogenic diet has been used clinically for nearly 100 years as a therapy for children with drug-resistant epilepsy. While it's continued to be prescribed as a treatment for seizures today, the use of this metabolic therapy has expanded exponentially. Not only is the ketogenic diet showing promise in improving human health and performance, but it's being used as a therapy in preclinical studies focused on a variety of diseases including Alzheimer's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), diabetes, and even cancer. Much of the research currently underway and involving cancer and the ketogenic diet was inspired by a discovery made many decades ago by German biochemist, Otto Warburg. Warburg found that most cancer cells, unlike healthy cells, exhibit an altered energy metabolism where they rely exclusively on sugar (carbohydrates) for energy. This phenomenon, is also known as the Warburg Effect.

Since Warburg's observation, preclinical trials have shown that lowering glucose in the blood (cancer's primary fuel source) can potentially slow tumor progression. Dr. Thomas Seyfried, a scientist and professor at Boston College, pioneered research showcasing the metabolic dysfunction of cancer at a time when most scientists were convinced it was a genetic disease. Building upon Dr. Seyfried's work, University of South Florida researchers, Dr. Dominic D'Agostino and Dr. Angela Poff, found that this weakness in cancer metabolism could be targeted therapeutically using a ketogenic diet in combination with HBOT. These studies (among others), and the metabolic theory of cancer have served as a foundation for KetoPet.

For more information about KetoPet Sanctuary click on the following link:

Happy Anniversary Bark Avenue!  

On January 10th, 2018, we will be celebrating our 8th Anniversary! 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all of the support and love the community has shown to us over the years.  We look forward to many more years to come.

To show our appreciation, we will be offering an 8% discount on purchases Wednesday, January 10th.
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Upcoming Events


Saturday, January 20th
3:00 - 4:00 pm
Dr. Alex Bekker, MD & Homeopathic Physician

Dr. Alex Bekker, Homeopathic Physician returns to discuss Homeopathy for Kennel Cough and Dog Flu. You will not want to miss this very important discussion on not only preventing, but also treating both Kennel Cough and the Dog Flu safely and effectively. 
This will also be a great time to ask any questions you have about homeopathy.

There is no charge for this event, however there is a max of 20 people. If interested in reserving your seat, please contact us at 817-656-2275

Saturday, January 20th
5:00 - 7:30 pm

Join us for our next Paint Your Pup on Saturday
January 20th from 5:00-7:30pm . We have such a great time at this event each month!  Our artist, Jayson Blondin, is great to work with. Remember, you do not have to be an artist to attend!  The artist does all of the heavy lifting.  All you have to do is show up to paint the picture that he has already sketched from a picture of your choice. It is $50 and BYOB. Light snacks provided. Space is limited.  
Tickets available at:
Or, Call 817-805-2891 to RSVP

Dr Will Falconer has written the e-book, "Vital Animals Don't Get Heartworms".  
It truly is a life-changing way to look at heartworm prevention.  Click on the following link to get your copy today:

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