February 15th, 2021 Vending Technology News
Coffee will always be the top beverage that’s consumed in most offices in the United States, but since the start of the pandemic, many Americans have modified how they consume coffee in the office.

Capitalizing on new consumption trends, Keurig Commercial is unveiling a touchless system that makes it possible for consumers to make coffee or tea remotely without touching the machine.
How Does It Work?

To enable the touchless process, consumers first download the Keurig Brew app to their mobile device.  When a consumer is ready to have the touchless brewing system make their coffee, all they have to do is place their coffee cup on the Keurig machine, scan a QR code, then choose the type of coffee that they want the machine to make. 

With fears of Covid-19 exposure driving vending operators to look at new touchless opportunities, Vengo Labs is deploying touchless retail technology across its network of 1,400 gym, school, retail and transit locations around the nation.  

“We hear the needs of our clients and their consumers, and the future is touchless,” said Brian Shimmerlik, CEO for Vengo Labs. “Vengo connects brands and consumers in the places they go by offering safe and instant touchless access to the products and samples they need, he added.  Through its signature red kiosks, Vengo is providing end-to-end touchless shopping and the ability to purchase product via their phone. 

Glass door merchandiser forearm door handles, enable consumers to open glass door merchandisers without touching the cooler with their hands, and are available from Three Square Market.  By using the forearm, rather than a hand, consumers are helping avoid the spread of viruses such as Covid-19.

The handles fit Three Square’s compact 34-inch Cooler Café and other glass door merchandisers. The 34-inch wide Cooler Café enables micro market operators to move up to 560 items from a payment-enabled glass door merchandiser. According to Three Square, the cooler offers the convenience of café style options in a compact space while still following social distancing guidelines. 

If you own a vehicle, you know that there have been days when you need to add air to your tires or vacuum out your vehicle asap.

Service Station Vending Equipment offers new air or gas station vacuum vending equipment that accepts cash, coin, and most payment methods including credit, debit, and Apple Pay.

While auto-related businesses appear to be the traditional location for this type of equipment, vending operators have new opportunities to install pay air pumps and vacuums in non-traditional areas, such as in facility parking lots, on college campuses and other locations.

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