Keurig Dr Pepper (NASDAQ: KDP) recently announced that they are transitioning its Snapple and CORE brands to 100% recycled plastic bottles. This move reflects a global trend as more companies are moving towards an environmentally sustainable packaging. The bottles that Keurig Dr Pepper plan on transitioning to are recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) plastic and it is predicted that this move is going to eliminate about 50 million pounds of plastic annually that the company typically uses to bottle their beverages.

Commitment To A Circular Economy

“Transitioning to recycled plastic bottles for two of our key brands is a critical next step in Keurig Dr Pepper’s commitment to a circular economy,” said Monique Oxender, Chief Sustainability Officer of KDP. “This important portfolio evolution enables us to offer consumers their favorite beverages, while meeting their desire for more sustainable packaging.”