Kevin Berthia
"The Impact of Listening"
Stop the feeling of hopelessness!
As a "grateful survivor" Kevin shares his inspiring story all over the world in a tireless effort to Stop Suicide...
Kevin knows first hand the feelings of hopelessness and sadness and that feeling of "what's the point", and just wanting to end it all. Hear Kevin's story which lead him onto the Golden Gate Bridge one windy day to do just that... End It All , and how the voice of a stranger saved his life and gave him hope once again.
Passionate and Inspiring
Kevin is very dedicated and passionate about speaking to others about his experience in an effort to let others know they are not alone. He has become a very highly renowned speaker because of his kind and understanding nature that makes others know that there is hope and suicide is not the answer.
In September Kevin did multiple presentations and told his story to our troops in Korea. Upon his return from overseas, Kevin spoke in Northern California to an all youth oriented audience and received this note...
"I want to extend my sincerest thanks to you for helping us bring Kevin Berthia to Trinity County. The way that our high school and junior high school kids responded to him was enough to bring tears to one’s eyes! It was such a success! I really believe that his message resonated with this group and will, at the very least, encourage a discussion among students regarding the topic of suicidal idealization and the importance of noticing the small but telling changes a person can demonstrate when he or she is in distress".
Trinity County
Kevin Berthia-The Impact of Listening-TedxUCDavisSF
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Coast to Coast and Worldwide..
Kevin tells his story to diverse audiences touching the lives of many people with his message bringing them "HOPE" and "REASON".
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