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  • KEV TALKS VIDEO Ep. 37 - The New Royal Family
  • KEV TALKS VIDEO Ep. 36 - The Social Media Purge
  • Kevin on Radio
  • Kevin tells Cancel Culture to SHOVE IT!

KEV TALKS VIDEO Ep. 37 - The New Royal Family

Kevin Jackson describes the NEW royalty in America and how they are taking power away from "we the people".

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KEV TALKS VIDEO Ep. 36 - The Social Media Purge

Below, Kevin Jackson talks about social media, all the platforms that are "feeling their power", and how we as conservatives need to take the power back!

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Check out the 5 MINUTES from yesterday’s show to get HOOKED:

  • In this episode, Oakland Mayor wants only "families of color" to get universal basic income; Now we allot taxpayer-funded services, based on "intersectionality"?!
  • In this episode, Democrats can't figure out how to reopen the country without completely exposing their ruse. As COVID-19 vaccines continue to cause palsy and kill people in unreported numbers all over the world, government officials are working on a COVID passport.

I understand Cancel Culture and the fear Involved, because I'm a SURVIVOR!

I was fired from Fox News for tweeting the TRUTH about the Kavanaugh accusers. I took a massive financial hit, but I stuck to my guns. Because I BELIEVE IN CONSERVATISM!

I could sell out and make millions of dollars on the Left but I refuse to profit on LIES.

Recently Stacy Dash announced her feelings around being a "conservative" during the Trump Era, but now she says she will stand with Biden and give him a chance. Those words will NEVER come from me or my team. Because to say that would be to sanction the MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD that occurred. Moreover, supporting Biden means NOT supporting American values.

You choose where to put your time, energy, passion, and finances. We ask that you consider using those talents to help our team. We are DEDICATED to the cause, and not self-aggrandizement.

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