August 22nd, 2017 - 60 business owners and ministry partners attended Family First Indonesia Dinner Gathering at the Sun City Luxury Club in Jakarta.
Mr. Handi Irawan, Chairman of Family First Indonesia, shared an important concept,
Family Capital - a lasting legacy through service in the family. This concept is certainty not new to many of us, rather a conscious priority. As we serve outside of our homes, it is important not forget our families. We might not see the immediate impact. But it leaves a priceless legacy for our children, molding and equipping them with a solid character foundation. Preparing our children for a future of victorious living is the best reward a parent can get.
Through corporate gatherings, FFI aims to gain more visibility for others to understand the value of being involved in the ministry.
Parenting Through School Communities

Building a Parenting Community - A seminar by FFI in cooperation with Majelis Pendidikan Kristen Indonesia (MPK) / Indonesian Christian Education Association, hosted a 300 strong crowd at the SAAT Ministry Center, Jakarta.
Mr. Handi Irawan, a partner of 
, e xpanded on the importance of communities consisting of parents, teachers and school owners, working together for the collective good for their schools.
As a commitment to foster stronger families throughout Indonesia, FFI and MPK (previously affiliated to 7,000 Christian schools in Indonesia) signed an agreement to work with other organizations to establish, mentor and equip members of parenting communities in Christian schools.
13 Christian schools present at the seminar will start building local Parenting Communities in their schools.  These schools are currently crafting programs for the communities to work together. FFI hopes to develop as many Parenting Communities, in order to produce a strong next generation of leaders for God's glory.
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