Navigating the Testing Landscape
with Keynote Paul Gerrard
Upcoming PNSQC 2020 Keynote Paul Gerrard has specialized in test strategy and assurance for nearly 30 years. 

“I compare the tester to the navigator in a plane. The developer is the pilot. The pilot can’t fly without navigation support; the navigator can’t fly without the pilot,” he says. 

In this interview, the software engineering consultant, author, and coach shares his thoughts on the biggest impacts to software over the years, his upcoming keynote, and his thoughts on the dreaded “Q” word.

Paul will be presenting at PNSQC this October 12-14, on "Rethinking Test Automation."
2020 Focus: All About Automation
Creating a smarter way to test software is just one aspect of automation. Changes to the industry are happening faster and faster, with new technologies and use cases emerging all the time, making automation even more important.

Check out what some upcoming 2020 technical papers will cover, and get a sneak peek into what authors will be presenting at the conference this October.

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PNSQC Appreciation
“[PNSQC was] a very insightful and energizing conference. The sessions and keynotes were all very informative and enabled candid self-reflection on our own QE strategy and execution. As we continue our own journey with automation, we got some great tips from speakers on managing process, technical, and soft skills to achieve our goals.”

Johnny Hill, 2019 PNSQC Attendee