December 2019
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Keynote Presentation at the Plant Biologicals Network Symposium

Our Executive Director, Dr. Morven McLean, delivered the keynote presentation at the Plant Biologicals Network Symposium , which took place on November 13-14, 2019 at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. Her presentation focused on how biology-based technologies can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Zero Hunger, Clean Water and Sanitation, Responsible Consumption and Production, Life Below Water, and Life on Land.
Breakout Session at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit

The Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains - Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Opportunities project organized a breakout session at the Sustainable Agriculture Summit on November 21, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the session, Dr. Dave Gustafso n, ILSI Research Foundation, guided the audience through an interactive presentation aimed at bringing attention to common misunderstandings about sustainable foods, after which Dr. Kaiyu Guan , University of Illinois, and Dr. Greg Thoma , University of Arkansas, presented the project's methodology and preliminary results, focusing on statistical crop modeling and life-cycle analysis. 

During the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chains - Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Opportunities project, team members from the University of Florida, ILSI Research Foundation, International Food Policy Research Institute, University of Arkansas, University of Illinois, World Agricultural Economic and Environmental Services, and Washington State University were interviewed about their role in this interdisciplinary effort. A short video encapsulating the project's activities and preliminary findings is now available on our website.
Problem Formulation Exercise at a Workshop Organized by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health organized a workshop in Baltimore, Maryland on November 19, 2019, with the aim of providing a basic understanding of regulatory considerations and internationally recognized issues related to field trials of investigational genetically engineered organisms and their derived products. As part of  Session 3: Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tools , our Deputy Executive Director, Dr. Andrew Roberts, was invited to conduct a guided problem formulation exercise with participants.

The ILSI Research Foundation's South Asia Biosafety Program sponsored a technical session on biosafety and the environment at the 4th International Conference of Biotechnology on Health and Agriculture , which took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh on November 11-13, 2019. During the technical session, Dr. Andrew Roberts delivered a presentation about the context of biosafety for biotechnology researchers.