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Key Considerations in Conducting a Thorough Facility Condition Assessment
Buildings and facilities are often the greatest financial asset for many businesses. Conducting routine facility condition assessments is critical to maintaining efficient and attractive properties. As part of the assessment process, it's important to evaluate issues such as potential contamination, construction compliance, security, life safety systems and more. Our article outlines key items for consideration.
Looking for Capital Planning & Reserve Study Budgeting Tools? Contact Us for a Demo!
Our reserve study solutions simplify the capital planning and budgeting process and offer "life term" projections to align income with expenses. Our easy-to-use FacilityForecast® software offers quick-click updates to cost data and inflation rates plus an array of report options. Want to see it in action? Please contact us to set up an online demo customized just for you.
Safe & Secure? Important Considerations to Factor into Your Building Security Program
Our nine-part blog series focuses on best practices for asset management of real property. Part seven outlines the key elements of a building security program. Security is about protection and prevention, and these are important aspects of asset management. Our article provides a helpful list of eight key areas and issues to consider in developing a security program.
Four Steps to Creating an Effective Asset Management Program for Real Estate Holdings
Whether you manage a single property, multiple buildings or a portfolio of real estate holdings, the proper management of real property is critical to your success. It's imperative to have an effective asset management plan in place as part of your comprehensive capital planning process. We've summarized the components and building blocks into a four-step process.
zumBrunnen Pleased to Announce Multiple New Projects in 12 States
We assist all types of clients in making smart business decisions about their facilities. We are proud to announce recent project commissions for capital planning, reserve studies, construction monitoring, facility assessments and other specialized building-related services. We want to sincerely thank our ongoing clients for their continued business and extend a warm welcome to our newest clients.
New Projects

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