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January, 2019

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Retell, Recount, Summary: What's the Difference?
Most educators agree that having students of all ages describe text they have read is a helpful comprehension strategy. This includes retelling or recounting, summarizing, and paraphrasing. In reading standard #2, the Common Core Standards require students in grades K-1 to “retell”, students in grades 2-3 to “recount”, and students in grades 4-12 to “summarize”. However, many students and their teachers are not sure about what each term means.
Spotlight: Keys in the Classroom
Hinsdale, NH: Coach Newsletter
The Key Comprehension Routine peer coaches a the Hinsdale district launched their new, monthly newsletter devoted to implementation support for teachers using Keys strategies. This month the focus is on the "self cuing" technique for identifying main ideas.
Science Topic Web
Students in a Franklin, MA middle school science classroom are making a top-down topic web (from The Key Comprehension Routine ) about the periodic elements table.
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Teachers Pay Teachers page!
Keys just launched our TpT store where teachers can purchase Keys related products that are economically priced. Our featured item this month is The Key Notebook Routine. We will continue to add products, so visit often!
Recommended Literacy Resources
Suggestions for using word sorts from Deb Glaser's blog.

Supporting Literacy in the Science Classroom, Edutopia blog .
A Must Read: Emily Hanford's NPR article "Why Millions of Kids Can't Read".
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