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February, 2018
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Explicit Instruction of Note Taking Skills

Note taking, and two-column note taking in particular, is integrated into several Keys to Literacy professional development programs. It is used in The Key Comprehension Routine as a strategy for improving reading comprehension. It is used in Keys to Content Writing as a strategy and scaffold for gathering information from sources before writing. It is also used in The Key Vocabulary Routine as a template that can be used to deeply teach academic vocabulary terms. This post provides some suggestions for teaching note taking.
Keys to Literacy News
Two New Online Training Courses!

Keys has recently added new professional development courses on our new Teachable online school: 
How to Teach Two-Column Note Taking and Keys to Literacy Comprehension Coach Training .

Keys to Earl y Writing Book Now Available!

Joan Sedita has written a new book with instructional suggestions for teaching foundational writing skills to children in Grades K to 3. 

Keys to Literacy Becomes New England Representative for Letterland

Keys was recently licensed to become the exclusive rep for the Letterland phonics program in New England. We now offer materials, product demonstration, and professional development for this highly engaging program that has been used all over the world for over 40 years.

Recommended Literacy Resources
Three new Self-Study Guides for Implementing Literacy Interventions are available (one for K-2, one for 3-8, and one for 9-12). Developed by the Region Lab Southeast, they can be used by schools to take stock of how they are providing literacy intervention for struggling learners and then use the information to improve plans.

Helpful blog post by Tim Shanahan: Have you ever had trouble implementing a new reading program? Click here
New research paper about prosody in poor comprehenders now available for free.
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These are a f ew events where Keys will be providing professional development:

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