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May 2018
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Background Knowledge and Reading Comprehension

A recent article “Why American Students Haven’t Gotten Better at Reading in 20 Years” in The Atlantic addressed the critical role that background knowledge plays in the ability to comprehend. The article subtitle was “Schools usually focus on teaching comprehension skills instead of general knowledge – even though education researchers know better.” 
Keys to Literacy News
KTL is now the New England representative for the Letterland Phonemic Awareness and Phonics program! Click here to learn more about it!
Keys to Content Writing Updates

KTL has updated our book and training for content writing by developing two separate versions: a 2-day version for grades 3-6 and a 1-day version for grades 6-12 content teachers.

Try it out at our June public sessions .  
Recommended Literacy Resources
Helpful blog post from KQED Mind/Shift:
How Helping Students Ask Better Questions Can Transform Classrooms.
Good explanation and suggestions for teaching syntactic awareness from Edutopia: Grammar: The Skunk at the Garden Party.
From the archives: The Language and Literacy Connection blog.
Why it’s important to teach students how to take notes and write summaries! Science Says Writing Increases Memory .
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These are a f ew events where Keys will be providing professional development:

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