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November 2018
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Stress: Toxic to the Brain & Learning Literacy Skills by Noel Foy

Stress is a topic typically associated with adults, but with the increase in anxiety disorders among children over the last ten years, its impact on their ability to learn literacy skills is worrisome. Neuroscience research reveals the brain can experience stress as feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration, boredom or lack of personal relevance. Unfortunately, many students in classrooms across the country find themselves in at least one of these negative states on a chronic basis, causing the amygdala, the brain’s personal watchdog for potential threats, to activate the stress response.
Multisensory Teaching by Emily Gibbons
 Multisensory teaching is not just crucial for kids with dyslexia, it is good solid teaching for ALL students. Using a variety of senses helps with memory and retrieval and allows students to support their areas of weakness with their areas of strength. Incorporating multisensory learning tools into your classroom lessons will not replace intervention services, but it will make classroom lessons more accessible to students with learning differences.
Keys to Literacy News
Keys at National IDA Conference
Joan Sedita got to meet with several of the educators we work with at this year's national IDA conference held in CT. Check our Events Page for upcoming conferences.
Thanksgiving Thanks for Letterland!
Look at the "I am thankful for Letterland" drawing from a child at one of our Letterland pilot schools! Click here for more info.
Recommended Literacy Resources
Helpful blog post explanation of I, We, You Gradual Release of Responsibility by Tim Shanahan.

And a helpful explanation of the need for explicit phonics instruction.
Free webinar about Executive Functions and goal setting, and check out the Keys blog post "Executive Functions and Reading Comprehension."
Upcoming Events

Attend the Plain Talk Conference in New Orleans in February, 2019 and hear Joan Sedita present workshops about comprehension and writing instruction. This is one of the best national literacy conferences!
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