Thankful Greetings to all of you, and we hope you had a blessed and healthy Turkey Day.

November was busy at Mathodology; it was a time of spreading our international wings. The recent 2020 Make Math Moments Virtual Summit outlined High Impact Math Strategies and included educators from more than 100 countries. Following that our Workshop Wednesday included Dr. Yeap Ban Har, who shared the research behind The Singapore Model Method and how it improves student's understanding and success with word problems.

Finally, we are proud to announce Mathodology videos were produced for grade 5 teachers in Spain. The videos, which were translated to Spanish, included a heavy emphasis on number sense using the CPA approach. This is a great affirmation that research regarding how students learn mathematics best is being shared worldwide.

December’s focus will be “MATH FACT FLUENCY.” Dr. Jennifer Bay-Williams will be our guest for December’s Workshop Wednesday. She is a passionate advocate for understanding that “fluency is not only about speed, rather it includes being flexible, accurate, efficient and appropriately solving problems.1” 

And speaking of solving problems, how about the challenge of your students not wanting to “do math” during the holidays. Encourage their parents to discreetly slide-in a little math practice. Perhaps some hands on experience in the kitchen measuring, at the store estimating prices, making a puzzle, or playing a board game.