Keys to the Deeper Life
"Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him."
Genesis 5:24
Enoch was my hero when I was first introduced to the Scriptures and still is today. He lived in a day and age similar to ours. I have written numerous books on how to walk with God daily. This article is only designed to enhance that walk and give you 4 keys to this deeper life. APPLY these simple steps and you will put a smile on your Lord's face. Let's Get Started!
First, each of us must determine to take our Christianity; in deep earnest. Too many of us play at our Christianity. We go through the motions, attend weekly services, have weekly discussions in our Bible classes, sing worship songs and greet each other in our social cliques. Nothing wrong with any of that. However, if we are the SAME person we were five years ago, three years ago or one year ago. How can this be??? If Jesus is Lord of our life, there is no plateauing! God is always calling us higher, higher still. So, are you "plateaued"???
I have a friend that cringes every time I use that word "plateaued". Why? Because he is playing at his Christianity and hesitant or reluctant to take that next step. He's afraid it's going to cost him too much. Are you like my friend? Just going through the motions? "Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof?" I'm not sure what it's going to take for my friend to move from a stale, nominal Christianity to a vibrant walk with God. But I do know that God works first by blessings bestowed, then by blessings removed. I like the first program. If God cannot convince us under the first program, His love is constrained to let us taste of the second. May we all open that door to the deeper life, while there is still time. God is actively waiting on us.
Second, we must all determine to "come under God" in all our decisions. This is the great hindrance to our Christian life today. We are the ones in charge. As I said it in many of my sermons, "I and Christ are one, and I am the one." That is the great barrier to our advancement. Only one of those words needs to be changed and should be as follows. "I and Christ are one and HE is the One." Did you catch that difference? It is absolutely vital that we understand the great barrier in our Christian life is that we have been the one in charge.
To turn this around we must learn to FILTER. What is filtering you say? It is becoming swift to hear the still small voice of our Lord and Savior to our conscience, according to His Word, throughout our day.
For example, I had been gone from 6 AM to 6 PM and when I returned I was tired. Upon arriving home, I headed for my recliner and was just vegetating when God's Spirit whispered in my ear. Do you hear him whispering in your ear throughout your day? "Jim, your wife needs your help." Sally had been canning dozens of quarts of tomatoes in the kitchen and could use help in the cleanup. Saying, "Yes" to God and "No" to self is, "Coming under God." These opportunities come to us many times throughout our day. God calls us to sacrifice our time and energy for others. "But I'm tired Lord." Yes, I was tired but God often calls us at the least opportune time. The only way to really show love is to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of others. God is calling me to love my wife beyond a mere verbal assent or a simple kiss. Now, He's calling me to, come under Him in this moment.
We all have a choice. A daily choice to serve our God or to serve ourselves. I wonder what the video of your life would show over the past week. How many times do you think God has called to your heart and how many times have you positively responded? What would your ratio be? Perhaps 25% response rate. Maybe even 50%? What do you think Enoch's response rate was?
God empowers our choice by His grace. His grace is initiating a response from me at this very moment. Faith is my response to His grace in the moment. Will I surrender to God's call to my heart or will I remain indifferent to His still small voice? That is the great transition that Enoch entered into. Will you?
What a smile was on my wife's face when she saw me get out of the recliner and without any comment, cheerfully begin to do the dishes as well as clean up the counter and floors. This is how love is kept alive. By continually sacrificing ourselves for the benefit of the other.
What are you doing when God calls you not to exaggerate? Do you filter your words through God? Do you inquire of Him what He'd have you say or not say? How about when you go to the refrigerator or cupboard at night to get a snack? Do you hear His still small voice and heed it? If so, that's coming under God. These are not big things, or are they? I believe they are and are the keys into the deeper life that Enoch experienced and that's why he pleased God. Are you pleasing God in your daily life? What would your video show?
These two keys to the deeper life will take you beyond just Bible knowledge and praying the same old prayers. They will take you beyond church attendance and a church office and enable you to walk with God like Enoch. Do you want that walk?
So, what is the third key to the deeper life? It is making a solemn vow never to claim any honor, glory or praise for anything you are or have or do. You are not to puff up or exaggerate your accomplishments that lift yourself up. That's what Lucifer desired and we know where that took him.
John the Baptist said it so well, "He must increase and I must decrease," John 3:30. It's an attitude of always taking the focus off ourselves, our belongings, our skills and wisdom. When we want to be noticed, when we want to be the center of attention, when we want to always upstage the other person, we are in a very dangerous position. We are becoming the "one" rather than coming under the ONE. So, how is it with you? Who is the "one", God or you? Have you crossed that line? If so, ask the Holy Spirit to whisper into your ear whenever you are stretching the truth or lifting up yourself. Then be prepared to say, "Yes" to God and "No" to self. This simple key will develop a deeper sensitivity to His presence with you and allow you to enter into the Enoch life.
I shared these three keys with a friend of mine and his response was rather interesting. He asked me if he couldn't just be touched with a fairy wand and "forever after" be like Enoch. While I appreciated his honesty and even chuckled a bit, God never removes our free will choice from any decision we ever make. He was the inventor of liberty and forever grants us that freedom to choose.
What a God we serve!
Fourth, is a determination not to defend ourselves, against detractors and persecutors. This journey of life that we are all on has unfairness throughout. Jesus came and took on Himself all the unfairness of the entire world. But He never complained! He bore it all and lived life above it, for you and me. He never allowed the negative to steal the positive. No victim role for Him and no victim role for anyone who is truly a follower of Christ. They put their reputation in God's hands and then leave it there. No pity parties, just a positive attitude of walking the path that God has put before them. They know they are here to honor their God, be it pleasant or unfair. Deeper still is their word and attitude. How are you stacking up?
Not complicated, is it? So, do you really want the deeper life? Using these 4 simple keys will deepen, guaranteed, your walk with God on a daily basis. These keys are now in your hands, use them and you will become like Enoch, knowing and pleasing God.
Using the keys,
Jim & Sally
          Don't you want to go to Him?