On Campus
Remote learning begins

In all four divisions, students began attending classes from their homes, turning bedrooms, living rooms and dining tables into home offices. Below is a collage of First Day photos from students in the Lower School.

A letter from an Upper School student
Earlier this week, sophomore Reese sent an email to Mr. Handmaker that we thought included a message for the entire Keystone community. With her permission, we are reprinting it here.

Hello Mr. Handmaker!
I'm sure you are flooded with emails right now but I hope this one makes its way to you. I hope you had a good spring break (hopefully it wasn't too stressful) and that you have been able to at least enjoy a little time at home with your family, maybe even having some time to read a couple of good books :) 
I just wanted to reach out to say a brief thank you to you and all of the wonderful Keystone department heads and teachers and everyone who's been working so hard to adapt everything to online curriculum--I'm sure it has been nothing but a laborious task, both during school hours and beyond, but my classmates and I appreciate all of the thought that has been put into not only adapting the courses, but all of the time, effort, and stress that has probably come with it, along with the inevitable personal stress of the situation itself.
Everyone really misses Keystone but we sincerely appreciate all of the efforts that have been done to remind us of the community-oriented and loving environment that we are so lucky to have, even while not physically "at school." Not being on campus and not being able to see my friends and teachers has been saddening, of course, but not despairing because at some point we will all come back and things will return to normal, even if it is all in due time. But I thought it would be a shame not to reach out and say thank you because it's not just the classwork, but the people who really make Keystone what it is. I miss school a lot, but as Shakespeare put it, "all's well that ends well." I hope we'll be able to return to campus before the semester ends, but of course, this must run its course as it was meant to, so whatever happens, will happen. 
In summary, I just really wanted to express some gratitude--it takes a lot to be able to reconfigure everything, but we're Cobras, and so far, we're doing it! I can earnestly say I don't think I've ever felt such a range of emotions between absolute longing for my second home, to absolute pride for the people in my environment, all of the hurdles that have been overcome in such innovative ways, and the spirit that still thrives to foster such a loving environment, even while not physically together. Many schools haven't been making the same efforts of such lengths to really go the distance and connect with the community and students in such a consistent way, so I am very thankful that we have that, and that it's a well-noted emblem of our environment. There is a real strength within Keystone, both in our passion for learning and our passion for each other; I think right now, especially, its ubiquitous presence is felt throughout the Cobra community ,   and I am very fortunate for that.
So thank you for everything, for all the hard work to preserve the curriculum to even the nuances of daily reminders and wholesome updates. So even from afar, I'm proud that the Keystone spirit lives on. I hope your family stays safe and healthy, and that soon enough all this chaos will find its end. I hope to see everyone on April 6th! But if longer that's okay, too :) Thank you for all the hard work that's been done, it hasn't gone unnoticed by the students, so I thought it was far more than well deserved to vocalize it, so thank you Mr. Handmaker, and thank you to everyone else who has made this all possible. We hope to see you all soon! 
2nd graders visit San Diego Zoo
Second graders visited the San Diego Zoo this week.

As part of their virtual visit, they learned facts and saw videos about different animals, and then answered prompts that tested their new-found knowledge.
Billy's Blog: From the Head of School
“A walk is only a step away from a story, and every path tells.”
Robert MacFarlane

As Keystone began a new reality of remote learning, we found ourselves with a variety of questions from the most ethereal (how will this experience change us as a society?) to the most mundane (why won't my connection work?). It also raises the uncomfortable question of how to manage being cooped up inside all day and whether family members will get on each others’ nerves from all this forced togetherness.
Perhaps a walk may help, even if just a little bit.

Important Events and Notes
Please send your photos, stories

From Mr. Tijerina:

Dear Keystone Friends,

After our first week of distance learning, our young people from the Little School all the way through our seniors are showing that they can study and learn effectively with their teachers and each other even when spread apart.

We also want to make sure that Keystone's sense of community stays strong, and that's where I ask your help. Parents, please send photos and descriptions of your children as they do their schoolwork and projects. Alumni, please send photos and descriptions of what you're doing during this time of social distancing. I'll continue posting them on social media, the school's website and the weekly Communiqué.

During this time, we're seeing that our school is much bigger than our campus. Together we can keep the school strong and emerge from this period of social distancing stronger as a community.

With gratitude,

Edmund Tijerina
Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications
Morning messages begin

Beginning this week, Keystone is sending out short video greetings to parents to begin the school day. The morning messages go out at 8 a.m. and include either an interesting fact or video. Each day has a theme:

Math Monday
Martes de Artes (Tuesday arts)
Wildcard Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
Science Friday

Here are the videos from this week:

Resources on zero

Leonard Bernstein introducing a then-7-year-old cello prodigy, Yo Yo Ma:

Sign up to volunteer for PTO

Due to the current restrictions, Keystone's PTO has modified its usual procedure for electing PTO Council members for the coming year.

If you are interested serving on the PTO Council, please send an email to Kelle Acock at kelle_sutton@yahoo.com for additional information. From the entire PTO Council, take care and be well.
Keystone part of Big Give Emergency Relief fundraiser
Keystone part of Big Give Emergency Relief fundraiser
In this unprecedented time, many of you have asked how you can help. All members of the faculty and staff have been working with the goal of helping our students be successful despite the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19.

If you are in position to give back at this time, please consider honoring all of Keystone’s faculty and staff with a generous gift that is most comfortable for you. Your support will go towards Keystone’s operating budget and the school's commitment to academic excellence in this fluid and rapidly-changing situation.

Keystone apparel available online
Classes may take place online, but you can get physical merchandise through Vivroux Sports.

Or visit the company's store at 2222 Breezewood Blvd. in Alamo Heights to shop in person.
Support Keystone while you shop on Amazon
Now that you're probably ordering more items from Amazon, please consider supporting Keystone with your purchases and use AmazonSmile. Just designate Keystone as the beneficiary and a portion of your purchases will go to the school.
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