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James’s Ride
Rob Housley, GLSC

“Let’s GO Mr. Rob, Get this snowmobile started” These were the words from James, a new friend of the Glendale Lake Snowmobile Club.

On February 23 the club received a facebook message from a friend of Dawn, mother of James. The message was a request for someone to take a 19-year-old autistic person for a snowmobile ride. He stated that James has a huge interest in snowmobiles and watches a lot of youtube videos and would love a ride on a snowmobile.

The message was quickly responded to and within a day we were arranging a time and meeting place. It was decided to meet at one of our clubs’ trail heads within Prince Gallitzin State Park. This was an ideal spot because of the heated bathroom and plowed parking lot. 

One of our members was unable to attend but offered his 2up sled with backrest and heated seat and hand grips. I took him up on the offer, grabbed his machine and headed out to meet Dawn and James. We were unloaded and ready by the time they arrived. A few other members were there showing their support and a couple rode along on their sleds. 
Taking Our Friends Snowmobiling
by Clinton LaTourette
One evening, right after we got our first 2021 snowstorm of the year here in Wayne County where we live, my wife received a text message from a friend of ours from church. The text said, “Sooooooo, my husband just bought two sleds! Maybe sometime we can ride together?”

Ray and Susan Kimble had both ridden snowmobiles when they were younger, but hadn’t been back on a sled in many years. They were excited to ride again and get back into the sport. Unfortunately the January snow melted before we were able to get together and ride with them. When we got more snow, we made arrangements to take them out riding on the A.C.E. Snowmobile Club trails. We also decided to invite another couple from church and their two college age daughters. Tom Bass had ridden and raced snowmobiles when he was young, but Amy, Taylor and Erin had never ridden a snowmobile. They were all very excited to go. Unfortunately Amy and Erin had a prior commitment and could not go that day.
Hello from the Glendale Lake Snowmobile Club. Wow, what a great winter. And wow, it seemed to end fast and too early. Hopefully you got your share of riding in. Many club members reported riding record miles this year. See our Club Facebook page for riding ideas for next year. See where snow was found and some pictures of the awesome Pennsylvania scenery that can only be seen via snowmobile. And a shout out is certainly well deserved to all the local clubs and DCNR who all worked very diligently to provide us all with the wonderfully groomed trails that we experienced this year. Thank you, Thank you for your help in creating a winter wonderland for all us sledders!

Heading Here

In the March issue of The Keystone Snowmobiler, I gave you a "Believe It Or Not" sentence. I mentioned that I saw three groomers from DCNR working on the same trail to make it good for us snowmobilers.

For the April issue, I have another "Believe It Or Not" sentence. Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club was organized in
1972 when the charter members bought 20 acres of property. From 1972 to the present day, the same two men have been plowing the lot for us snowmobilers. I would say the majority of the property is plowed in the winter. These men are Mr. Bob Ainsley and Mr. Bob Nichols. Now get this, one of these men does not snowmobile any more, but he still plows the propoerty. Thank you----Thank you.

Our club is active 12 months a year. (except during covid-19) Meetings occur the second Thursday of the month at 8:00 P.M. After the meeting we have pizza, brownies, and pop.Text Link
Centre, Clinton, Lycoming, Snyder, Northumberland, Montour, and Union Counties

I hope everyone had an amazing riding season this year. If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to thank all the Clubs and DCNR for all the hard work they put into maintaining the trails this season.  

I especially hope those riding in the Bald Eagle State Forest enjoyed the Hog Farm – Buttorff Trail. This new connector trail provides a safer way to access Boomerang’s Bar & Grille, Millmont, PA. A huge thank you to Bald Eagle Snow Riders (BESR), Bald Eagle District Forester, Matt Beaver, the Pennsylvania State Game Commission (PGC), Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Hartley Township, and the Buttorff brothers for working with me to get the trail approved and ready, 6 months start to finish, for this riding season. Also, I would be remise if I did not thank PSSA for awarding BESR a mini grant which covered the entire cost to purchase all the signs and posts needed to mark the new trail.

I would like to thank Matt Beaver, Bald Eagle District Forester, Tom Casilio, Tiadaghton State Forest Manager and their staff for the trails they maintained and support they gave to me throughout the season. Without fail, Matt and Tom took my phone calls, kept me informed and gave me guidance every time I needed something from them.  

And to Michael Walsh, thank you for riding with me and members of Hyner Mountain Snowmobile Club. It was a pleasure to show you Tiadaghton, Tioga, Susquehannock and Sproul State Forests, and enjoy a day of talking snowmobiling in PA. It is not every day I can say “today I was able to ride snowmobile with a DCNR Deputy Secretary”. I look forward to our continued mutual respect and vision for snowmobiling in PA.
BRP To Introduce Electric

BRP announced its five-year plan where it will offer electric models in each of its product lines by the end of 2026. To achieve this, BRP plans to invest $300M over five years in product development, specialized equipment, infrastructure, production tooling and facilities.
In early 2019, BRP acquired assets of Alta Motors, an electric motorcycle manufacturer, and commercialized the Rotax Sonic E-Kart.
See the BRP Press Release, by clicking here.
What a wonderful snowmobiling season we had - till next season - THINK SNOW!
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