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May 2021 Edition
The 2020 census results are in and Pennsylvania will be losing one congressional seat. Pennsylvania saw a population increase of only 2.4 percent over the last decade as opposed to the 3.4 percent seen from the 2000-2010 census. This population growth was not enough for Pennsylvania to keep its 18-seat delegation and the elimination and redrawing of districts now falls to the Republican-majority Pennsylvania legislature. The commonwealth’s congressional districts have been redrawn twice in the last ten years and now stand to be redone once again. Time will tell how these changes may affect business in the Pittsburgh Airport Area.

To learn more about redistricting in Pennsylvania, click here.


Act 10 (Formerly House Bill 766): Extends the Pennsylvania corporate tax deadline to the 15th day of the month following the federal tax deadline, protects taxpayers against penalties for failing to file local taxes by April 15 and aligns local tax payment deadlines to match state and federal returns. To learn more, click here.


House Bill 285 - Would address issues relating to taxation from employee stock ownership plans (ESOP). Learn more here.

House Bill 1063 – Also known as the Local Business COVID-19 Loan Interest Grant Program, these grants would help any small business pay interest on loans taken out during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep business running.

House Bill 1229 – Would create an incentive program to promote development of vacant land and buildings owned by airports to be leased by industrial or commercial businesses. These businesses would be given a $2,100 tax credit for every full-time position created. Click here to learn more.

Small Business Bills – Two bills to help small businesses are being worked on by Senators Wayne Fontana and Vincent Hughes. One would create a tax-deferred savings accounts to be used specifically by small businesses to deposit profits. The other, known as the Small Business Fee Exception Act, would reduce or remove small businesses startup fees.