Issue 5.51
December 20, 2019
Message from the President
We have all seen stories about personal wealth and how it is concentrated and distributed. But what about the geographic concentration of our economy?  Here is an interesting story from Bloomberg  this morning that points to the concentration of America’s economy in 31 counties. It’s worth noting that the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. areas are jurisdictions with great economic concentration, and their proximity to Delaware is helpful. The story also identifies industry sectors that are decentralizing but staying within proximity to these economic centers. Read more
Gearing up for January
READY IN 6: A recent analysis concluded that Delaware is missing significant economic development opportunities in the competition for jobs, talent and investment due to its slow permitting process. Read more
A top destination for tech talent

The future looks bright for Delaware. With unemployment rates in the state not seen since 1988, and a huge demand for technologists, now is the perfect time for reinvestment in The First State. M&T Bank aims to be part of the solution in cultivating and bringing talent to Delaware and to that end, we’re working to make Wilmington a top destination for tech talent. Read more

“Within a single musical line, Edward Elgar, the composer, seems to blend emotions of triumph with feelings of Melancholy, capturing the bittersweet sense of excitement for the future fused with the sorrow of leaving the present and the past.” - JJ Abernathy, Music Times

I would imagine these emotions of ‘triumph and excitement’ were felt by the first class of students in the University of Delaware’s Trust Management Minor during their graduation ceremony on June 1, 2019. This is quite an accomplishment, especially when you consider that it was only three years ago that the Delaware Financial Education Alliance (DFEA) and the Lerner College of Business and Economics at the University of Delaware introduced the Trust Management Minor. Read more
As Banking Evolves, the Need to
Attract Diverse Talent Intensifies
With near record unemployment for the past year, the competition for talent in the financial services industry is tighter than ever, even as customers’ digital needs rapidly evolve and banks are forced to respond to growing fintech pressures. Banks have always focused on winning customers by offering the latest products and services and the best pricing. Today’s digital demands add a new layer to the competitive landscape. So how can banks meet their customers’ need for traditional services and product innovation? Read more
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