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Khalief's Making Strides
at the Judge Rotenberg Center

Khalief has been a student at JRC for a little over four months now. Since his admission he quickly acclimated to the high level of structure, supervision and daily expectations of the program. Khalief immediately expressed several goals he wished to achieve during his placement: a high level of privileges and independence (time unsupervised by staff), an in-school job, and to show his family that he could change. He has done just that and is well on his way to meeting many of his academic goals as well!


Khalief has learned effective self management and problem solving skills for difficult situations, moved his way up the privilege level system, and had several successful visits with family. Khalief has also acquired a part-time school job working in the school cafeteria and has participated in community volunteer work several times. In the classroom Khalief works independently on his academic assignments with minimal prompting and achieved all B grades during this first quarter here. This is quite an accomplishment for him. 


We are proud of Khalief's accomplishments and encourage him to keep up the great work! 

Khalief looking great at our recent Prom.
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