by Carla Goldberg, Early Childhood Director

We are all trying to find things to be grateful for during this pandemic. Of course we are thankful for good health, for being able to be together at Akiba, and for our families. In the past, I believe I have taken nature for granted. I always loved to go hiking and camping, and yet I never realized the health benefits these activities present.

I feel different about that now. I am looking at the world through a different lens and for this I am so grateful. I believe this started with our Teva Means Nature class, and our desire to spend as much time as possible learning outdoors at Akiba. One of our preschool teachers gave the best description of a recent day:

“It was really special to see what was happening at the park across the street. We took our class for a long buggy ride and looked for different colored leaves. We saw the Teva class exploring and learning with a huge pile of wood pieces that an arborist was showing them. The Kindergarten was in a different space with another arborist learning about trees and how to take care for them. There was a gym class playing in the big open field. Another class was collecting leaves in front of the preschool playground. Then there was a cohort eating lunch in the courtyard. And a group of students were laughing and playing a game together on the sidewalk of the courtyard."