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As we approach the end of the school year, many teachers are thinking about ways to bolster their classrooms in the fall. Eduspire, in partnership with Wilson College, offers dozens of convenient online and local EdTech courses, which are available:

With many new courses recently added, including unique options like " Design Thinking in Education, " " Authentic Connections for Project-Based Learning ," and " Adaptive Technology for Students ," there are options for every grade level, EdTech goal, and content area.
Cutting-Edge Summer Online Courses
It's never too early to think about your goals for the next school year! Let us help you with our wide selection of EdTech courses for K-12 educators. Registration deadlines can sneak up on you, so don't delay!
June 10 | Online | Instructor: Patty McGinnis

In this article from Education Week Teacher, Larry Ferlazzo asks several guest teachers, " How do you integrate writing in science classes?" The responses are engaging and enlightening.
Read the full article here , and get inspired to register for the new course Reading, Writing, and Speaking in Science , available online this June.
June 10 | Online | Instructor: Patty McGinnis

In this article from EdSurge, titled " How a Shark Tank Competition Lets Students Create Their Dream Classrooms," we are given a peek into one school's experience with the process of writing classroom grant proposals.
The article explains, "The chance to work directly with administrators to implement a grant like the observatory proposal helps students develop skills that go beyond the traditional classroom environment." Want to learn more about how to write grant proposals to fund your big classroom ideas? Register for Grant Writing , online this June!
June 13 | Online | Instructor: Jeff Mummert

This Edutopia article, Teaching Empathy with Video Games , talks about the soft skills called the 4 Cs: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.
Find out just how exploring Game-Based Pedagogy in your K-12 classroom can bolster those skills in your students by registering for the course here .
Online | July 1 | Instructor: Mike Bruckner

This new course will immerse educators in a design thinking process.
Participants will research and develop a project that engages students in a human-centered, problem solving process, specific to their area of study.

From the instructor:

More on this topic:
Check out the EdSurge article, Where Classroom Design Meets Design Thinking
Online | July 8 | Katie Wagaman

This brand new course will research and define appropriate technology for students with Autism and how to appropriately implement technology in the classroom for these students.
It will also explore how technology can help students with Autism follow routines, self-manage, verbally express, socialize, show understanding and knowledge of the material, and demonstrate productivity. Educators will learn how to to deliver instruction in a meaningful and beneficial way through the choice and evaluation of the technology, student performance monitoring, appropriate scaffolding, and the modification of instruction to ensure student success. To register for the course, click here .

via EdTech Magazine
July 9 | Online | Instructor: Lisa Sands

This Literary Maven blog post , containing a Twitter chat from September 2016, is full of great ideas and resources shared by middle school English teachers, most of which can be "amped up" for high school classes. Our very own Lisa Sands , instructor of Tech in Secondary English , shares that some of her personal key areas of concern as a teacher of high school learners include reading actively and annotating online, and building vocabulary/language development.
Additionally, Lisa shares that while many argue that spelling is no longer important, she has noticed that her students cannot read or pronounce or spell what were once common words. Her goal is to work with her cyber colleagues to problem-solve this and other skills with digital resources, but she says she has yet to uncover all the answers. Her hope is that through collaboration in courses such as this one, educators can lean on one another and grow in their ability to meet the needs of learners. You can register for the course here .

by Carly Berwck (via Edutopia)
Instructor Spotlight: Patty McGinnis
Eduspire Instructor,
Get to know us better: Eduspire's top-notch instructors combine experience, skill, insight, and a passion for education. This week's interview features Patty McGinnis —  click here  to read her instructor spotlight profile and learn her favorite ed-tech app and ice cream flavor!

Patty teaches the new courses,  Grant Writing and Reading, Writing, and Speaking in Science, available this June.
Name Change Announcement:
Blended and Flipped Learning Environments
EDU 904, formerly known as "The Flipped Classroom II," has been renamed " Blended and Flipped Learning Environments ."

The change is due to the fact that this course focuses on the implementation of flipped and blended learning environments. EDU 903: The Flipped Classroom is no longer a pre-requisite for enrollment in EDU 904. This course is available online July 2 with Bryan Tayman .
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