"Expressions in COLOR"
 Hiking Big Mountain with Ivy and Molly last summer
and skiing on the mountain...posing with the snow ghosts last winter
 "Snow Ghosts" 36" X 12" 

"All children are artists, the problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up."  Pablo Picasso

The key to remain an artist is to engage in what children do---PLAY.  My New Years resolution is to PLAY....become a kid again!  Join me in thinking and planning what each of these "play dates" might look like for you.

*I plan to play alone and with other artists--- maybe use different media than "normal"...swap "toys"
*to build---use mixed media or work 3d
*to pretend---an assignment to paint a ceiling, design a candy machine or??
*to experiment using both small and large motor activity---work in a new size
*play inside and out--snow sculptures, skiing

By creating an oasis of time and space without judgement or interruption 
I think one will experience unique, inventive, creative solutions.  What does your oasis look like?   How much time can you set a boundary around...20 minutes per day,1 day per week?  For me dedicated studio space is a room and daily 2-3 hours minimum is key.

The freedom to experiment "doodle start" in the play with new materials and investigate "what's possible" and "what if?!" is bound to relax, refresh, inspire and lead to a happy creative productive artist!

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep." Scott Adams

"Fatso living the good life" 12 X 12"  sold
"Blue Kitty" 12 X 12"
Sold--thank you Framecraft!
"Basset Angel"
16 X 16"
"KC" sold
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Above are a few of the paintings I have been working on...
Stonewall Veterinarian Clinic
7627 Heritage Village Plaza Gainesville VA 20155
Molly and I "frequent" this location and I have hung a few paintings there to let people know I'd love to paint their best friends too!
Paper Play original framed mixed media
14 X 11" 
Framecraft of Warrenton
Framecraft is in the middle of Old Town Warrenton.  I encourage you to bring in items you have been thinking of framing.....Mark is the best about helping you select the perfect frame for your work! 


Hound 'N Hair
Located at the edge of charming Old Town Warrenton and known for their expert grooming, show dogs and top of the line dog gear... now you can also get my cards and posters.
Miss Lily 16" X 16" framed $450 original acrylic by Linda Hendrickson



How do you like to kick start your creativity?  What works for you, leading you to produce your best, most original creative solutions?  Is Play part of your joy?

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Happy New Year...I look forward to connecting with each of you in the New Year to paint, share paintings or simply the joy of living and playing outside...or in.

                                                                               LINDA HENDRICKSON

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