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Tools for Advisors | February 2020
New year, new giving opportunities for your clients
How can you best help your clients make the most of their good intentions? Consider helping them plan their charitable giving budgets around two points: timing and category.

  1. How often? More than 50% of charitable contributions are made during the holiday season. Consider suggesting that clients spread their giving throughout the year. Their tax deductions would remain unaffected, and they'll be giving the supported organizations a much-appreciated boost to cash flow.
  2. Who gets it? Most people support a wide variety of charities. To help your clients see where their dollars are going, suggest sorting recipient organizations into categories of social impact (ex: community development, arts & culture, education).

As always, the team at WCF is here to help. We're excited to collaborate with you in 2020. Contact Portia Portugal to get started.
Focus on advisors: your role matters
Today's social impact mindset has infiltrated every business, nonprofit and financial institution in America. What does this mean for your work? It means many of your clients are walking into your office with "doing good" on their minds. You can build an immediate connection when you start a conversation about the ways they - and you - are getting involved in the community. Here are a couple tips:

  1. Share your connections. Philanthropy is expanding to cover far more territory than just one "right" way. Let your clients know that you're connected to WCF. We're committed to helping people fulfill community desires through the power of philanthropy.
  2. Be aware of the regulatory environment. Many of your clients who own businesses are paying attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). More than 250 of the world's largest companies subscribe to the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) standards for sustainability performance. Ask your clients about their corporate commitment to civic engagement.
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