Despite shorter days and cold nights, the level of activity around the Park has, if anything, increased recently. Over a dozen black-tailed deer forage for acorns along Bear Valley Road every evening. Ducks on Tomales Bay flock together for safety. I counted 55 California quail this morning while waiting for them to cross the road near the Morgan Horse Ranch. I admire the noble quail lookouts who stand guard, sticking their heads up like school crossing guards, as the rest of the covey scuttles into the coyote brush.

Humans too, social animals that we are, have been drawn together, looking out for each other as fires and power outages have exposed many to danger and cut off communication channels. It’s heartening, isn’t it? Communities are dynamic things. People gather, form subgroups, build things, play, celebrate, help. Through it all, the core of our common bonds as creatures IN nature, not separate from it, unite our work. We are so grateful for you and all the members of our park-loving community.