November 20, 2019
Serving, growing, leading           
"Your gifts are not about YOU
Leadership is not about YOU
Your purpose is not about YOU.
A life of significance is about  
Those who need your gifts, your
leadership, your purpose."   Kevin Hall 

Rightly understood, leadership and service are entwined.  Our Fall Faith Series, Dare to Lead, was really about daring to be authentically in relationship with others and risking taking a stand to serve our values.  No matter what we see in the media, from my perspective, leadership is a journey in service and personal growth not personal glory and having others serve you.  
How many of us believe we have no gifts that others need?  The greatest gift we give is our presence, our attention and our heart.  Those are priceless gifts we all have to share.   
Leadership is signing up for personal growth because no one can predict the challenges of the next moment, the next interaction, or the next revelation of some un-examined aspect of ourselves.  As we serve, we are called into relationship and awareness and vision and forgiveness.  In ministerial school we called it the "hidden curriculum".  No task or event or idea is ever just what it appears on the surface.   
How do you think of leadership?  Where are you called to serve--as a leader?  What might be your next growth experience?  Moses resisted the call to lead his people and Spirit responded, "I will be with you".  Whatever service we undertake, we know Spirit is with us.                Rev Joy 

Calendar for this week
TODAY:  Wednesday 11/20

Thursday 11/21
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Sat 11/23
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10am:  Rev Joy  Ready for the Holidays
11:30am:  Thanksgiving Potluck
11:30am: Intention Circle
  5:30pm: CoDA Step Study*
7pm: CoDA*
Mon 11/25
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Tuesday 11/26
6pm: Recovery Dharma (Buddhist practices & principles to heal the suffering of addiction)*

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Click to listen to Rev Beth Hitesman's Sermon from 11/17/19 "Spiritual Growth and the Inner Critic"  

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Annual Holiday Potluck
Join us THIS Sunday, November 24th, for our annual holiday potluck after service.  There are sign-up sheets downstairs at church or contact Karen in the office with what you'd like to bring.  Thank you to this year's hosts, Rick and Sandy Stober, and all the volunteers that make this happen every year!  Sign up today and plan to attend!  

Return your forms NOW!
Forms have gone out in the mail.  If you are a member and did not get a form, please contact Karen in the office.   Be sure to note any teams you'd be willing to serve on and how you maintain your active participation.  Forms MUST be received in the office by 12/31/19.  
If you are interested in becoming a member of ULV, Membership classes will begin in January.  Look for the schedule of 6 classes to come out in December.   


Are you being called to lead in our sacred community?
At our Annual meeting in February, we will elect new board members.  The Nominating Committee of Mary-Etta Lea, Denise Summa, TerĂ© O'Malley and Rev Joy are beginning the process of identifying and interviewing potential candidates.  The slate will be recommended to the board in time to be mailed out in advance of the meeting.

Our bylaws require qualified candidates to be:
any person who is an active member of the church who possesses a sincere desire to serve on the Board; is a regular attendee of church services and functions for at least one year prior to running for the Board of Trustees; is continually growing their Spirit by attending classes or seminars offered during the year; has demonstrated leadership qualities; endeavors to live in accord with the Jesus Christ principles of Love and Truth as embraced by Unity; furthers the work of this ministry through active interest, love, and financial tithe/support; and is 18 years of age or older.   The administrator, LUT's and family members of board, minister and the administrator are not eligible to serve on the board.   
If you are qualified and interested in being considered as a candidate, please contact someone on the Nominating Committee.   


After Giving Thanks, after Black Friday, after Shop Small Business Saturday and after Cyber Monday is GIVING TUESDAY! 

Many people consider "end of year" giving during the holidays.  We are setting up a Giving Tuesday campaign on our Facebook page to provide a giving opportunity to those who feel blessed by our work throughout the year but we never see them in person.  IF YOU FEEL BLESSED by our Wednesday email messages and the work Unity of Lehigh Valley does in the world, and you are looking for an opportunity to give, CLICK HERE to donate via our website donation page or go to our Facebook page and donate through Faceback.  We appreciate all your support! 

There will be an Intention Circle this Sunday after the service.  We will come together briefly to initiate a blessing for ULV, all Unity churches and for the world and all of humanity.  

Prayer is the foundation of Unity teachings.  It is our conscious connection with the Truth beyond appearances.  With so much violence and sadness in the world, we continue to know our true nature is love and our one, true path is peace.  We join with Renee Wensel in knowing she has access to healing Life, the guidance of perfect Wisdom and an unshakable Peace within.    

Join Us for the Holidays!

This year we are exploring multiple holidays as we see our advent concepts manifesting in new ways!  There will be special music each Sunday to accompany the holiday we celebrate.    
Dec 1    Celebrate Hope: celebrating Hanukkah  
Dec 8     Celebrate Peace: celebrating Winter Solstice     
Dec 15    Celebrate Love:  celebrating the Nativity    
Dec 22      Celebrate Joy: celebrating the Joy of Giving in every tradition
Dec 29         Celebrating Kwanzaa
Jan 5                Our Burning Bowl Service    

What are you grateful for?
Thank you so much to Rev Beth Hitesman for her sermon on Sunday, Spiritual Growth and the Inner Critic.  It was insightful, uplifting and inspiring.  Thank you for sharing your heart, spirit and words for life. 
Thank you to Mary-Etta Lea for a kind and willing heart to step in for extra prayer chaplain duties at a moment's notice. And thank you to Renay and all our chaplains for the prayerful presence of your service.   

Thank you to Tom Eltringham for joining the AV team and serving as the video tech for the first time on Sunday! 

Thank you to Gladys Fernandez for stepping up and covering hospitality on Sunday!  

If you are grateful for something at ULV, send a message to the office:   

New Member classes begin January 5th
The Winter book study will be SQ 21 by Cindy Wigglesworth.  Class begins January 8th on Zoom!
Get Zooming after service Dec 1 or Dec 8 

Our own Anthony Young is part of the Lehigh Valley Chorale!


Just north of us, Kirkridge offers great opportunities for renewal and spiritual exploration.   Check out upcoming programs at their website by  CLICKING HERE

Bradbury-Sullivan Center Classes, Workshops and Support
  Go to their website by CLICKING HERE    The Center is located at 522 W Maple Street in downtown Allentown.  
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