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We all know providing your audience with new, fresh content is what keeps them engaged and coming back for more. In this workshop: Learn how to take some time out and create a collection of focused content in one go; Follow a step by step process for creating all your social media content from one blog post; Walk away with 2 weeks worth of content for your social media platforms. fee $15 Presented by Business Advisory Centre Durham

Sept 28 | 10 am - 12 pm | CRA Tax Obligation
The seminar is mainly designed for owners of small unincorporated businesses, however, if you are incorporated you may also learn something new!
The CRA Liaison Officer provide the following information:
  • Explaining common tax errors, what causes them and how to avoid them
  • Explanation of financial benchmarks for relevant industries
  • Information on the CRA’s services
  • An explanation of general bookkeeping concepts and best practices

Sept 29 | 10 - 11:30 am | Startup Business Basics
Starting a new business venture? Learn the necessary steps to start your business! This session includes: the various forms of business ownership; government regulations; he importance of a business plan; cash flow forecasting; identifying your target market and client profile; when and why to register for HST Presented by Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

Sept 29 | 10 am - 11:30 pm | Marketing After COVID
It’s harder than ever to forecast performance and trends far into the future. Canadian businesses have to face rapidly shifting consumer tendencies and continual social unrest. In the noisy world of marketing, businesses have to rethink marketing tactics and stay in step with target consumer mindsets. This seminar will push you to think about your content, media spend, and how to adapt your current strategies and tactics to best manage through the post covid world. Presented by Mississauga Small Business Centre

This webinar will cover: Why you need to engage in e-commerce; How to work with different channels; Marketplace how-to’s; Vendor intros; Export through e-commerce; Government programs and supports  Presented by Kingston Small Business

Sept 30 | 10 - 11:30 am | Negotiating with Creditors during COVID-19
In this highly interactive workshop designed for an Invest Ottawa audience (Teach, Talk, Try), participants will receive practical guidance from the presenters on the following: Benefits and challenges of pre-bankruptcy or insolvency negotiations because of COVID-19; Tactics for approaching different creditor types; Conversing with your commercial landlord; Prepping for court or mediation during a pandemic. Presented by Invest Ottawa

Despite the end of Ontario's declared emergency, employers continue to face COVID-19 employment law issues while they resume operations and/or manage the fallout from the continuing pandemic. We will discuss an employer's ongoing obligations to those employees who remain on temporary layoff and those who are currently in the workplace. Employers will be provided with practical information on how to ensure they properly accommodate employee needs while balancing their desire to resume "normal" operations. Presented by Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

Oct 6 | 10 - 12:00 pm | Getting Started with E-Commerce
Need to get your online business up and running? Since the beginning of the global pandemic, online sales have doubled. Now is the perfect time to kickstart or transform your online business and take it to the next level. Join Sean Stephens, CEO of Treefrog, as he shares his beginner’s crash course on getting started with e-commerce. In this digital webinar session, you will learn about the various e-commerce platforms and which one is best suited for your business, how to use e-commerce to optimize sales and what it takes to get your e-commerce business up and running. Presented by Mississauga Small Business Centre

Oct 8 | 1 - 3:00 pm | Using Pinterest for Business Growth
Pinterest is one of the world’s leading platforms for sharing ideas and finding inspiration. However, it is is one of the most ignored social media platforms among small business owners. Pinterest can be used in the most interesting and exciting ways to attract a great deal of traffic to your offers for free. $35 Presented by Business Advisory Centre Durham

Oct 13 | 12- 1:00 pm | Social Media 201 - Advanced
Social Media for Business – Advanced Ideal for businesses who already have social media presence. This seminar is ideal for participants who already have a presence on social media to promote their business or organization. Topics include: social media best practices, creating good social content, including increasing likes and engagement, as well as a brief introduction to social media advertising.  Presented by Kingston Small Business Ec Dev

Oct 15 | 4 - 5:30 pm | Opportunities for Social Enterprise
An in-depth look at funding resources from grants to micro-loans, through to venture capital. Do you want to follow your passion to create a business that puts people and planet first? You are not alone. In this session, you will gain an in-depth look at funding resources from grants to micro-loans, through to venture capital. We will spend time on your specific business needs and understand what it takes to grow a social enterprise. Presented by Joanna Reynolds with Kingston Ec Dev

Today, there is a deluge of information and places to store it. Do you have bookmarks on your laptop, tags on your phone, notes on your phone, saved links on Facebook and forgetting where they all are? Trello is a terrific tool for project management and task management. The visual Kanban boards are flexible, shareable, and let you pack a ton of detail into each card. But Trello isn’t just for work and business. You can use it to organize just about anything, perhaps your entire life. Presented by Business Advisory Centre Durham

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