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Did you also know?
You earn free money in the form of points on your Kickback Card every time you make a purchase at Juanita Firs 76
  • 3 cents a gallon on gasoline and diesel purchases
  • 2 cents per dollar spent inside the store
  • 1 cents per dollar spent in the repair shop
Those pennies might not seem like much at first, but they quickly add up!  Before you know it, you may have enough money to buy yourself a free candy bar, a free oil change, or a free tank of gas.  It's your choice!  You can spend the points at any time and on anything we sell here.

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Featured Service:  AC Service


We think we can all agree that it's pretty nice to have the air conditioning work on your car - especially on the beautiful (yet hot!) days we've been having the last few weeks.  Let's face it - when your AC stops working it can be pretty devastating. 


When your air conditioning is blowing warm air (or even just-not-really-all-that-cold-air) it could be time for an AC service.


The stuff that makes your AC cold is a gas.  When the AC stops working, it's often because the system has lost some of the gas and, causing the pressure to become low in the system. During an AC service, that pressure gets recharged to the level it should be at, making the system able to cool the air coming into your car again.


When we do an AC service, we also always put a dye in the system that makes it easier to track down potential leaks in the future.  (Since the refrigerant is a gas, it can be a lot harder to pinpoint a leak without the dye to help)


There's no set time or interval that you need to have an AC service done.  It's only needed when it stops blowing cold air. 



Schedule Online 24/7

Or give us a call at

Spring Cleaning Service
Take advantage of these packages to stay on top of preventative maintenance and keep your car happy.

All of our fluid flushes offer a near complete exchange of fluid (making the fluid much cleaner than simply draining the old fluid out and filling it back up again).  The Fuel & Intake Cleaning Service is excellent at removing carbon deposits from the engine, and can even help improve gas mileage.  By regularly performing these preventative maintenance services, you can keep your car in tip-top shape.  Give us a call or schedule online today!

Schedule Online 24/7

Or call us at 425.821.2345
Prices for most cars and light trucks.  Synthetic and specialty fluids extra.  Up to 5 quarts of 76 Super Synthetic Blend Oil.
0% Financing Available
Need to space out the payments for your next car repair? We are now offering interest-free financing. When you have a repair over $199 performed on your vehicle, you can be eligible for 0% interest financing for 6 months.   Give us a call for more details or ask us about it at your next appointment.

Applying is fast and easy!  Give us a call at 425-821-2345 to learn more.

Give Online Scheduling a Try



Have you tried scheduling an appointment online yet?  It's fast and easy, and you can do it 24 hours a day, whenever it's convenient for you.


Simply click here to schedule your next appointment online. 



Schedule Online 24/7

$20 Off Tune Up

Save $20 off any full tune up over $100. 


Full Tune Up includes (if applicable):

Spark Plugs - Spark Plug Wires - Fuel Filter
PCV Valve - Distributor Cap & Rotor 



Offer Expires 6/30/2015.  Cannot be combined with other offers. Parts and labor must be purchased through Juanita Firs 76. One coupon per customer.
$1.00 off fuel purchase over 8 gallons

Offer Expires 6/16/2015.  Cannot be combined with other offers.  One coupon per customer.
$1.00 off fuel purchase over 8 gallons

Offer Expires 6/30/2015.  Cannot be combined with other offers.  One coupon per customer.