January 2019
Happy New Year!
Welcome to the first quarterly newsletter for 2019.

Are you ready to kickstart your career goals for 2019? I’m pleased to bring you my new quarterly newsletter to offer tips, advice and more via my new blog and through my educational offerings: new book, webinars, podcasts, and templates.

Naomi Caietti Consulting has now been in business for four years, and 2018 was a very big year. It was great to finish the year strong with the publication of a new book, an online virtual podcast tour that continues into the new year in January, a 2018 honoree in the Woman Kind book by Ferguson and Fox, and a featured article in the Nov/Dec issue of “ Extraordinary People ” Magazine.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new book: “ Transform Your Project Leadership .”  
Are Your Ready to Discover Your Purpose As a Leader?

Transform Your Project Leadership: For Professionals Leading Projects or Company Initiatives
An exceptional book that will give you the confidence to lead successful projects. A must- read for those who wish to learn key leadership behaviors and competencies, step into a leadership role to manage projects, programs, and portfolios and develop career goals by working with key advisors to begin your leadership journey.
  • Just in Time Information - Advice on how to accelerate your leadership competencies and behaviors.
  • Transformational Leadership Tips - Offers insights into leadership, how to transform and model your authentic leadership style, get unstuck and accelerate your career.
  • Career Roadmap - Uncover the mystery of how to reflect, plan and act to establish your own personal career roadmap.
  • Expert Advice - Eleven global experts sharing real stories, tips and advice.
  • Secrets to Success - Learn the secrets other leaders have discovered to thrive personally and professionally.
  • Leadership Competencies - Key leadership competencies shared in standalone chapters. i.e.: Brainstorming, Coaching and Mentoring, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, Influencing, Interpersonal Skills, Listening, Negotiating, Problem Solving, and Team Building.
  • Discover Your Purpose as a Leader - Learn how to deliver results through others; to develop more leaders and add value to your organization.
Join me for my online book launch
January 7th my book drops and is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon , Barnes and Noble and at most ebook sellers like Smashwords, Goodreads and more. Check here to see International sites to purchase book.

In order to celebrate, please join me for a special online book launch on Twitter from 6-7pm Pacific Time, 9-10pm Eastern on 9th January at tweetchat.com. Use hashtag #Transform2Lead for specials, author chat and giveaways. 

Note: Check the worldtimeserver.com or Google for the hour in your location.
New Year, New Goals!

My focus each month this year will be to enhance the content on my website, provide a bi-weekly blog and share podcasts, tips and insights from my new book " Transform Your Project Leadership .

This year will be even bigger and brighter with a yearlong focus on leadership, personal growth, development and strategic business management to share how you can “transform your project leadership” and lead more successful projects.
In January, I plan to continue my virtual podcast tour by talking with Andy Kaufman about my book and how project managers can kickstart their goals for the new year. In February and March, look for new articles about teams over at ProjectManager.com, plus my continuing series on Women in Project Management. Also, tentatively in March I’ll be planning a book signing over at Folsom CoWorking .
So, as I like to say my office is virtual, you can always find me online and occasionally I’ll be available for scheduled in-person appearances for book signings, events and conferences this year. Check my website for links to my blog, articles and webinars, podcasts and more. Check the event calendar for updates, to download my speaker sheet or to contact me directly to assist you with just-in-time remote virtual services as a speaker, author or consultant.

Thanks so much for being part of my community of influencers, voices in project management, consultants, authors, coaches, clients, colleagues, friends and family. 
Voices in the PM Community

The Project Management Community is growing and there are so many experts sharing their voices to help others learn and lead. Every year, I look for ways to connect in the global community to share knowledge, connect in person and virtually and network with like-minded people in the project management community.
Also, this just so happens to be the last stop on my virtual podcast tour for 2018 so I wanted to interview Joe Pusz host of the PM Office Hours Show to share his journey and share what’s in store for 2019.

WEBINARS - Educational Offerings

Over the last four years, I’ve written, spoken and created educational offerings for many clients to spark conversations around some very engaging and emerging topics in all key tenets of the PMI Triangle: Leadership, Strategic Partnerships and Business and Management. Here are some highlights of a few of my webinars and guest blogs on ITMPI , ProjectManager.com and Workfront.

The Self-Aware Project Manager: ProjectManagement.com/ITMPI/ProjectManager.com
Project Are Easy; Change is Hard: ProjectManagement.com/ITMPI

Feedback from the Community

Over the last two years, I’ve written, spoken and created educational offerings to spark conversations around some very engaging and emerging topics. Here are some highlights of a few of my educational offerings.

Self Aware Project Manager – Available on demand. Earn 1 PDU at ProjectManagement.com

This webinar now has almost 12,000 views and continues to clearly be a timely topic for professionals and credential holders.

“This is a very important subject. So many get into the project management role (by accident or purposefully) and become very surprised what it entails to deal with so many different personalities coming together in a quick manner and have to work smoothly from beginning to end. Everyone can be losing their minds, but the PM must be the voice of reason, the calm in the storm...almost perfect. You lose it, they lose it...and you're heading for epic failure. It's almost as if the PM has to have a psychology degree because getting a group of people together that aren't continually pushed/trained to rein in their OWN emotions demand you be on your toes at all times. If you don't know yourself, how in the heck can you ever lead another back to the path of success. Great topic. Thanks!” – Celeste Cunningham

Advice for Women in Project Management

Women in Project Management is a blog series that I’m grateful to contribute to annual to coincide with Women’s History Month. This article was noted by ProjectManager.com as one of 2016/2017 best blog articles of the year.

“One of the most useful we published for one of the most underserved members of our community was a piece on women articles who lead projects. They’re out there, and they’re not going away. It’s still a hard road for women in the industry, but one that is getting easier thanks to trailblazers who have come back from the field with the experience to provide necessary advice for those coming up in project management.” - excerpt from “Top 20 Project Management Blog/Video Posts of the Year - Peter Landau, Content Editor at ProjectManager.com .
You can find my blogs and contributions at ProjectManagement.com , ProjectManager.com , Workfront.com and other links at NaomiCaietti.com .

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